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The Greatest 6-Day Exercise Cut up To Achieve Muscle

Are you in search of a 6-day exercise break up for gaining muscle?

In that case, there’s one thing it is best to know…

Understanding 6 days every week could be a good suggestion for some, however a horrible concept for others.

On this information, I’ll clarify the professionals and cons, inform you who it’s going to work greatest for, who ought to undoubtedly keep away from it, after which present you the one 6-day splits I ever suggest.


  1. The 6-Day Push/Pull/Legs Cut up
  2. The 5-6 Day Push/Pull/Legs Cut up
  3. The 6-Day Higher/Decrease Cut up

Let’s get began.

What Is A 6-Day Exercise Cut up?

6-day exercise break up is any schedule to your weight coaching exercises that entails coaching 6 days per week and having simply 1 time off.

The Advantages Of 6 Exercises Per Week

  • It permits for a better coaching frequency.
    Frequency – which is the variety of occasions you practice every muscle group per week – is likely one of the most essential elements that go into creating an efficient exercise routine. And whereas a 6-day break up can permit for any frequency (as soon as per week, twice per week, thrice per week, or extra), it’s particularly supreme for somebody who desires to make use of a better coaching frequency.
  • It permits for extra complete weekly quantity.
    Quantity – which is the quantity of units, reps, and workout routines you do for every muscle group per week – is one other extraordinarily essential a part of an efficient exercise routine. And with 6 classes per week, and the potential for utilizing a better frequency, it turns into considerably simpler to do larger quantities of quantity. That is particularly helpful for superior trainees, as they’re those most probably to profit from larger quantity coaching.
  • It’s fulfilling (assuming you get pleasure from coaching).
    Some folks hate understanding, and are very happy to do the least quantity wanted to see the outcomes they need. However others like it and need to spend as a lot time within the fitness center as potential. In case you’re that type of particular person, a 6-day break up will make that dream come true. That is in all probability the commonest motive why folks ask me for a 6-day routine.

The Issues With 6 Exercises Per Week

  • Elevated danger of restoration points.
    6 exercises per week with only one time off? That’s quite a bit of weight coaching per week, and the fact is that most individuals aren’t going to have the ability to deal with that from a restoration standpoint. I’m not even speaking about restoration of particular person muscle teams (which can probably be a problem as effectively), however extra so the general CNS (central nervous system) fatigue that comes with coaching 6 days per week (and on consecutive days). For almost all of individuals, coaching this a lot goes to hinder their progress greater than it is going to assist it.
  • Elevated danger of overuse accidents.
    Whereas there could be advantages to coaching extra typically (as talked about earlier), one of many downsides is that you simply’re at a better danger of creating overuse accidents, that are already fairly widespread amongst folks doing any type of weight coaching. Tendon and joint accidents already occur on a regular basis for folks coaching simply 3-4 days per week. When coaching 6 days, that danger goes up.
  • It’s laborious to suit into your schedule.
    Folks with jobs, households, college, social lives, and many others. already battle to seek out the time to suit 3-4 exercises into their week. A 6-day break up could be unimaginable for them.
  • It’s laborious to maintain persistently.
    Even when folks discover a method to match 6 exercises into their schedule, many finally begin lacking exercises and understand that persistently getting 6 exercises accomplished per week, each week, merely isn’t sustainable for them.

Who Is A 6-Day Cut up Greatest For?

Sincere reply?

Not many individuals, which is why I don’t suggest 6-day routines typically.

However after I DO suggest it, it’s normally to folks becoming this description:

Superior trainees who 1) are in a caloric surplus for constructing muscle, 2) are extra more likely to get well effectively from 6 exercises per week (i.e. good genetics, youthful, low stress ranges, ample sleep, and many others.), and three) have the versatile schedule wanted to persistently get 6 exercises accomplished each week.

Let me make clear 3 issues about this.

First, the general public who assume they’re “superior” will not be even near being superior.

Right here’s how I’d outline superior. You want to meet ALL of those necessities…

  1. You’ve been weight coaching persistently for 4+ years.
  2. You’ve gained a very important quantity of muscle and power.
  3. At this level, you’ve now gained many of the muscle and power your physique is of course able to gaining, and there isn’t a ton of progress left to make.

In case you can say sure to ALL of these, you’re superior.

If not, you’re not.

Second, superior trainees DO NOT have to work out 6 days per week.

Superior trainees should run into all the issues we lined earlier simply the identical as anybody else would. Because of this I like to recommend 4-5 day routines to them extra typically than 6.

My level right here is that somebody who’s superior is just extra seemingly than a newbie or intermediate trainee to profit from a 6-day break up, as a result of somebody superior is extra more likely to profit from the extra frequency and/or quantity it could possibly present.

Third, some intermediate trainees will do effectively with a 6-day break up. Most received’t, however some will.

Those that may are sometimes younger (teenagers or 20s) and/or have above-average genetics (or aren’t pure). Since most individuals don’t match this description, I want to maintain issues further easy and suggest that intermediate trainees follow a 3, 4, or 5-day routine as a substitute.

Who Ought to NOT Use A 6-Day Cut up?

Just about everybody else.

In case you don’t match that description of being a sophisticated trainee, in a caloric surplus, who recovers effectively, and has a versatile schedule, I wouldn’t suggest attempting a 6-day exercise routine.

You’ll be significantly better off going with a 3-day break up, 4-day break up, or 5-day break up as a substitute.

Then again…

In case you ARE somebody who could make a 6-day routine work, and it matches your preferences, let’s check out the most effective splits for making it occur…

1. The 6-Day Push/Pull/Legs Cut up

  1. Monday: Push
  2. Tuesday: Pull
  3. Wednesday: Legs
  4. Thursday: Push
  5. Friday: Pull
  6. Saturday: Legs
  7. Sunday: off

The push/pull/legs break up is one in every of my favorites to make use of when designing 5-day exercises.

It seems it’s among the best choices for 6-day exercises, too.

Cause being:

  • Grouping overlapping muscle teams collectively (chest, shoulders, and triceps on ‘push’ day, again and biceps on ‘pull’ day, quads, hamstrings, and glutes on ‘leg’ day) helps decrease the danger of overuse accidents.
  • The push and pull exercises will find yourself shorter than one thing like an higher physique or full physique exercise. Once you’re coaching this many days per week, retaining the person exercises shorter may also help a bit with restoration.

One essential observe although.

There are literally two alternative ways to schedule a 6-day push/pull/legs break up.

The one I’ve outlined above is the true “6-day” model of it, the place you have got 6 exercises per week each week, with simply sooner or later off.

Personally? I don’t like this model. I want this subsequent one as a substitute…

2. The 5-6 Day Push/Pull/Legs Cut up

    Week 1

    1. Monday: Push
    2. Tuesday: Pull
    3. Wednesday: Legs
    4. Thursday: off
    5. Friday: Push
    6. Saturday: Pull
    7. Sunday: Legs

    Week 2

    1. Monday: off
    2. Tuesday: Push
    3. Wednesday: Pull
    4. Thursday: Legs
    5. Friday: off
    6. Saturday: Push
    7. Sunday: Pull

    Week 3

    1. Monday: Legs
    2. Tuesday: off
    3. Wednesday: Push
    4. Thursday: Pull
    5. Friday: Legs
    6. Saturday: off
    7. Sunday: Push

    And it continues on and on on this similar format the place it’s three consecutive exercises adopted by a time off (after which repeat). So it’s push/pull/legs/off after which push/pull/legs/off after which push/pull/legs/off, and many others. and many others. and many others.

That is my favourite break up to make use of for 6-day routines.

In fact, it’s not actually a “6-day break up” just like the earlier possibility (or the following possibility we’re protecting beneath).

Quite, it is a schedule the place you find yourself with 5 exercises some weeks, and 6 exercises different weeks. Kind of a hybrid 5-6 day break up.

And whereas some folks might not like that it’s not 6 days each single week, the massive profit is that there’s an additional relaxation day which breaks issues up into 3-day blocks (relatively than 6 consecutive exercises like earlier than).

This can be a small change, however it has very optimistic results on the restoration and damage points we talked about earlier.

Because of this, I’ve discovered this to be the most effective method for understanding 6-days every week. That’s why it’s the break up I take advantage of for my very own superior exercise (which is included in my 10 New Exercises).

3. The 6-Day Higher/Decrease Cut up

  1. Monday: Higher Physique
  2. Tuesday: Decrease Physique
  3. Wednesday: Higher Physique
  4. Thursday: Decrease Physique
  5. Friday: Higher Physique
  6. Saturday: Decrease Physique
  7. Sunday: off

I like to recommend the 3-day and 4-day model of the higher/decrease break up on a regular basis. In reality, should you’re previous the newbie stage and are understanding 3-4 days per week, it’s my favourite break up.

This 6-day model of it’s one which I don’t suggest almost as typically, however should you’re going to be coaching 6 days per week, it’s one other good possibility to think about.


  • In case you want a better coaching frequency, this one provides you a well-balanced method of simply coaching every muscle group 3 occasions per week.
  • Coaching your complete higher physique collectively and your complete decrease physique collectively minimizes the type of overlap generally seen in different splits.

Summing It Up

A 6-day exercise break up isn’t proper for everybody.

I’d really say it’s not proper for most folks. Most individuals ought to use a 3, 4, or 5-day program as a substitute.

But when understanding 6 days every week is best for you, these are the three greatest choices for doing it. And possibility #2 is the one I believe is greatest.

What’s Subsequent?

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