The Final Chest and Triceps Exercise to Construct Muscle

There are quite a lot of chest and tricep exercises in the marketplace, however that is one of the best one. How can I be so certain? As a result of this program is written to deal with each single variable you want to know and extra.  

Anybody can write a chest and tricep exercise routine. Carry out the dumbbell bench press, possibly some push-ups, throw in some triceps pushdowns, and also you’re good to go.

To be honest, that might work, for a bit bit a minimum of. Nevertheless, it doesn’t deal with all of the ideas of correct coaching, nor does it come anyplace near optimizing a chest and tricep exercise routine for maximal muscle development and power.

However, this text does. And, I am going to stroll you thru this chest and triceps exercise so you may construct some severe higher physique muscle.

Desk of Contents:

  • Finest Chest and Triceps Exercise
  • Programming Suggestions For Your Chest And Tricep Exercise
  • Why You Want Chest And Triceps Exercises
  • Anatomy Of The Chest & Triceps
  • Coaching Variables For Your Chest And Triceps Exercise 
  • 4 Finest Chest Workouts
  • 6 Finest Triceps Workouts

chest and tricep workout

The Finest Chest And Triceps Exercise

I’ll get into the chest and triceps exercise instantly, however ensure you stick round after as I clarify some essential programming ideas for chest and triceps exercises, together with detailed directions on methods to carry out every train.

This chest and triceps exercise consists of 2 periods per week with 2-3 days of relaxation in between.  

Chest & Tricep Exercise Session A:

Barbell Bench Press 4 units 4 reps
Dips Body weight (use band if wanted) 4 units RPE 7 for 8+ reps
Shut Grip Bench Press 3 units 8-12 reps
Rolling Triceps Extensions 3 units 8-12 reps
Cable Chest Flies 3 units 12-15+ reps (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)
Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown 3 units 12-15+ reps (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)

Chest and Tricep Exercise Session B:

Weighted Dips 4 units 4-6 reps
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 4 units 6 reps
Triceps Push Ups 3 units RPE 7-8
Dumbbell Pullovers 3 units 8 reps
Cable Chest Flies (use totally different angle) 3 units

12-15+ reps (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)

Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown 3 units 12-15+ reps (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)

Programming Suggestions For This Chest & Tricep Exercise

This chest and triceps exercise IS NOT a program you simply run for a few months after which transfer on. In actual fact, this primary chest and triceps exercise blueprint can actually final a lifetime in the event you simply observe these easy guidelines. 

For the primary couple of months, you’ll make the most of primary progressive overload by both growing the burden or reps. Creating selection by altering the workouts for motion patterns and rep ranges is the important thing to repeatedly progressing in your chest and tricep exercises.

To make clear, that is really one of many causes this chest and tricep exercise provides a lot selection because it introduces you to a spread of techniques.  

3 simple alterations for your chest and triceps exercise

Utilizing the chest and tricep exercises session A for instance, I’ll present you 3 ways you may proceed processing utilizing this routine.

1) Fluctuate the rep vary on your chest and triceps exercise:

The primary variable you’ll alter in your chest and triceps exercise is the rep vary. For instance, look how you might alter the rep vary for session A after a few months of coaching or when issues start to really feel stale.

  • Barbell Bench Press 4 units x 4 reps → 5×5 → 5×2
  • Dips Body weight 4 units @ RPE7 for 8+ reps → 12+
  • Shut Grip Bench Press 3×8-12 → 4×8-12
  • Rolling Triceps Extension 3×8-12 → 3×6-8
  • Chest Flies 3×8-12+ (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)
  • Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown 3×15+ (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)

2) Alter your chest and tricep exercise order:

One other easy method for altering up your chest and triceps exercise is to change the order. You’ll nonetheless must preserve your larger workouts up entrance and smaller workouts in the direction of the again. Typically, you’ll discover that there’s one motion that you would be able to’t progress on. You’d transfer this to the entrance of the road so let’s fake all the pieces is bettering however your dips. You’d transfer that to the entrance.




Dips (Body weight or use Band)


8+ @ RPE7

Barbell Bench Press



Shut Grip Bench Press



Chest Flies



Rolling Triceps Extension



Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown



3) Use totally different workouts in your chest and tricep exercises:

When you get to a degree the place none of that’s working, you’ll then alternate actions with the identical motion sample. In different phrases, don’t substitute bench press with pull-ups. Here is a take a look at methods to proceed using this finest chest and tricep exercise.

  • Barbell Bench Press → Dumbbell Flat Bench Press 4 units x 4 reps
  • Dips → Dips machine 4-6-8        
  • Shut Grip Bench Press → Shut Grip Block Press 3×8-12
  • Rolling Triceps Extension→ Cranium Crushers 3×8-12        
  • Chest Flies→ Dumbbell Chest flies 3×12-15+ (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)
  • Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown →Triceps Rope extension 3×12-15+ (use failure, drop units, pressured reps)

How many exercises should I do for chest and triceps?

Why You Want A Tricep And Chest Exercise

The chest and triceps are two necessary muscle teams. When you in all probability don’t really want us to let you know why to coach them, there are bonafide causes you must perceive to appreciate their significance.  

1) Enhanced Aesthetics:

Let’s get the vainness out of the way in which. A well-developed chest is severe health club objectives. And also you want a superb chest and triceps exercise to make it occur. 

In relation to triceps, as talked about, they make up round 60% of your complete arm’s mass. Having an underdeveloped set of triceps in comparison with your biceps will look foolish PLUS, it’s unattainable to correctly fill out a shirt sleeve with small triceps. 

In different phrases, in case your aesthetic has any significance to you, prepare your chest and triceps appropriately.  

2) Pushing Is A Fundamental Practical Motion:

The time period “practical coaching” will get thrown round loads to the purpose that it may possibly imply absolutely anything. Nevertheless, practical coaching is an actual factor, and pushing is likely one of the important features in human efficiency.

In actual fact, if we have been to interrupt down essentially the most important motion patterns, there are solely about 7 practical actions, with pushing being one in every of them.

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Hip Hinge
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Rotation
  • Carries

Why is that this necessary? Effectively, your chest and triceps, alongside together with your anterior deltoids, are your main muscle groups used for pushing energy. Whereas all of them work collectively to construct pushing energy, their contribution will change relying on their joint angle. 

This makes coaching these muscle groups in a chest and triceps exercise very important for important human perform and will increase the standard of life. In case you don’t have robust pectoral muscle groups and triceps, you’re lacking out in life. 

3) Enhance Pushing Energy:

If you wish to go even additional and enhance athleticism and higher put together your self for all times, following an optimum coaching program with progressive overload is important. In case your chest and triceps are weak, you’re not pushing something.

Improved pushing energy goes to be helpful in quite a lot of conditions, together with serving to to enhance your lifts and growing your athletic capabilities.

Having superior chest power and triceps will solely make it easier to succeed within the weight room and in life.

The Anatomy Of The Chest

The pectoral muscle groups (aka chest muscle groups) are two massive fan-shaped muscle groups that sit on both facet of the chest, run from the sternum, and converge in the direction of the arm. Additional, every of those muscle groups on the left and proper facet of the physique has two heads: the sternal head, generally known as the decrease chest, and the clavicular head, the higher chest.

The muscle fibers origin of the pectoral muscle groups are located throughout the sternum and clavicle. The muscle fibers then run throughout the chest and converge to its insertion. This makes it a convergent muscle.  

One of many advantages of a convergent muscle is that the muscle fibers run at totally different angles and might pull at varied angles. That is what offers you the flexibility to push downward, straight ahead, and upward.

Extra importantly, this tells us that we have to embrace varied angles to optimally hit the higher, decrease, interior, and outer areas of the chest. 

chest and triceps

Serratus Anterior:

The serratus anterior isn’t really a part of the chest however is closely concerned in urgent actions. Additional, it vastly enhances the general aesthetics of the chest musculature.

The serratus anterior is typically generally known as “that rib muscle” because it sits on the first to eighth rib. It then wraps across the facet of the physique and inserts down the whole anterior size of the medial border of the scapula.

The first perform of the serratus anterior is pulling the scapula ahead, which helps the arms transfer ahead. Rising your serratus anterior will give your chest that “pop” as it is going to make the ribs look tight and pronounced. 

What Are The Major Chest Capabilities?

The pectoral muscle groups are one of many main muscle groups concerned in actions that happen on the anterior of the higher physique, together with manipulation of the arms. The pectoral muscle groups have 3 main jobs: flexion, adduction, and inner rotation of the humerus.

The Anatomy Of The Triceps

The triceps are three-headed muscle groups that sit on the again of the higher arms and make up about 60% of the whole arm mass. The three heads have totally different origins however come collectively on the identical insertion throughout the elbow on the humorous.

Whereas the three heads have particular person particular features, as an entire, the triceps act as the first extensor of the elbow because of crossing the elbow joint. Which means when the triceps contract, they pull on the arm to straighten the elbow joint and prolong the arm.

Nevertheless, the triceps are literally biarticular, that means the muscle crosses two joints. On this case, the triceps cross the elbow and the shoulder; a minimum of one of many heads does. Listed here are the first features of the three heads of the triceps.

  • Medial Head: The medial head is situated in the course of the arm, between AND beneath the lateral head and lengthy head. It’s the main head used for low-force extension.
  • Lateral Head: Opposite to the medial head, the lateral head is liable for excessive energy manufacturing. In different phrases, the lateral head received’t grow to be absolutely activated till the triceps face quite a lot of resistance. The lateral head is situated on the surface of the arm (why it’s known as “lateral”) and is the biggest head. 
  • Lengthy Head: The lengthy head will get its identify as it’s the longest head. No shock there, however its size comes from the truth that its insertion is similar because the medial head and lateral head, however its origin reaches throughout the shoulder. The lengthy head is what makes the triceps biarticular. This offers it the distinctive duty of aiding in shoulder extension. 

chest and tri workout

What Is The Operate Of The Triceps?

The triceps essential job is extension of the elbow joint, which extends the arm. That makes it of utmost significance to have a powerful higher arm for power all through a full vary of movement.

And, as a result of the lengthy head additionally crosses the shoulder joint, the triceps muscle groups are additionally liable for shoulder extension and help in stabilizing the shoulder. This consists of motions just like the freestyle swim stroke, and the lengthy head would help in doing push-ups on rings to offer higher stability. 

chest and triceps workout

Coaching Variable For Your Chest and Triceps Exercise

When optimizing your exercise, you need to embrace each power work and hypertrophy work. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer as a result of each hypertrophy and power will improve the opposite. In different phrases, coaching for power and hypertrophy will doubtless trigger you to be larger AND stronger than in the event you solely educated for one goal. 

Bettering your power and creating larger muscle groups are literally two distinct physiological processes that happen because of resistance coaching. Right here’s a way more in-depth article on this actual topic that can dive deeper, however listed here are the fundamentals for now. 


If you find yourself coaching for power, you might be basically taking the present muscle you may have and making it “higher” or stronger. A muscle contraction happens by means of a collection of occasions that should happen. Additional, a muscle consists of many particular person muscle fibers that fireside individually but work collectively to build up power. 

Bettering your power will result in an improved firing price, extra environment friendly recruitment of muscle fibers, and higher power manufacturing. And, a stronger muscle will elevate extra weight which equals extra quantity, which implies extra vital muscle development. In different phrases, the stronger you might be, the extra muscle-building potential you may have.

To coach for power, barbell actions with compound actions are typically your finest guess. You’ll then carry out your workouts with;

  • Heavy masses (>85percent1RM)
  • Excessive set (4-6)
  • Low reps (2-6) 


However, muscle hypertrophy (or muscle development) refers to bodily, architectural modifications to the muscle. This may occur by means of two totally different processes, myofibrillar hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Regardless, whereas there are different components, the primary driver of muscle hypertrophy is quantity. The perfect tools for hypertrophy in your chest and tris exercise goes to be dumbbells and cable pulleys.

These will enable unilateral work, larger activation for stabilization, higher isolation actions (the cable pulley will allow you to work at totally different angles), and are simpler to arrange. The workouts will embrace some compound actions and loads of isolation workouts. When performing muscle hypertrophy workouts, you’ll need to use;

  • Reasonable masses (70-80% 1RM)
  • Reasonable units (2-3)
  • Excessive reps (8-15+)
  • Specialty units (drop units, burnout units, and many others)
  • Selection by altering your grip and angles of resistance.

*Fast Word: The above info is a common description of coaching for power and hypertrophy. There may be loads of overlap between the 2.

3) Ultimate Coaching Frequency for chest and triceps exercise:

Along with coaching for each power and muscle hypertrophy, the opposite variable you’ll observe is coaching chest and triceps twice per week. When making an attempt to optimize neural muscular adaptation for power and muscle development, research present that the optimum frequency is hitting a muscle group two instances. 

Not solely will this help you use maximal quantity whereas mitigating fatigue, however it additionally means that you can use a superb combination of workouts for power and hypertrophy of the chest and triceps. 

The 4 Finest Chest Workouts

You’ve got seen the chest and triceps exercise I put collectively. Now all that is left is to know methods to do every transfer, so you will get essentially the most out of those routines.


best chest and tricep workout

The barbell bench press is the best possible chest train for maximal pushing energy. Urgent with a barbell will enable maximal masses, which is required for extra vital neuromuscular enhancements. Nevertheless, when performing the barbell bench press, it would be best to use a barely wider grip than typical. This doesn’t should be excessive; maybe only a couple finger widths.

The reason being {that a} wider grip will produce barely extra activation within the chest because the elbows are farther away from the physique. Additional, this program will make the most of two different bench press variations, so that you need your program to have as many bits of selection. 


chest and triceps workout bodybuilding

To focus on the clavicular head throughout your chest and tricep exercise, you’ll need to embrace an incline dumbbell press. On the identical time, so as to add selection, you’ll use dumbbells for a barely totally different stimulus. 

Ideally, you should have entry to an adjustable bench, permitting extra selection in your bench angle. Regardless, as a result of the dumbbell would require extra activation for stabilization, any angle goes to work.

To optimize the incline dumbbell bench press, it would be best to deliver the dumbbells a bit larger on the chest towards the clavicle and push up a bit narrower. 


chest and tricep workout with dumbbells

The dumbbell pullover will get its fame from its use by a number of the high weightlifters and bodybuilders of all time. Individuals like:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Dorian Yates

In actual fact, this is likely one of the old fashioned actions you’ll see through the “golden age” of bodybuilding. Sadly, it’s not as widespread at this time as a result of….effectively as a result of folks simply don’t know. However now you do, and you want to do them in your chest and triceps exercise. 

The dumbbell pullover works by mendacity flat on a bench and lifting a dumbbell over your head. Conserving a slight bend within the arms, you’ll let the dumbbell drift backward behind your head. Doing so goes to create a large stretch of the pectorals as a result of excessive shoulder flexion.

As soon as the dumbbell is all the way in which behind your head, you will pull the dumbbell again over to its unique place. When doing so, use a mind-muscle connection to contract your pecs and give attention to bringing your elbows ahead. 

One of many main muscle groups used is the serratus anterior, which is able to assist spherical out your chest constructing workouts.


chest and tricep workout for strength

Together with the dumbbell pull-overs, chest flies are one of many few single-joint workouts to coach the chest, and it’s just about the one different single-joint train you’ll want included in your chest and triceps exercise. Nevertheless, we like to make use of the cable pulley for chest flies as a result of you may work the pecs from actually each angle.    

Horizontal, 45-degree decline, 60-degree incline…principally each route. That is key because the chest muscle’s anatomy is designed to tug in each order making it essential to incorporate this variation in your chest coaching.

Additional, since you’re not utilizing a heavy object or must assist something, these are your finest guess to work to failure and past. Cable chest flies work nice as your main chest hypertrophy train. Additional, you may work either side on the identical time or unilaterally. There’s a ton of variation right here.

No matter what angle you might be utilizing, the fundamental setup is similar. Set the cable to the peak of your alternative. Subsequent, you’re going to seize each handles (or a single deal with) and stand out of line with the machine, so that you’re barely in entrance. That is to permit full pressure all through the whole vary of movement and create a greater pulling angle. Beneath is the grip you’ll use.

  • Mid-level: Impartial grip
  • Downward pulls: Overhand grip
  • Upward pulls: Underhand grip

Subsequent, you need to use a staggered or impartial stance, however a staggered stance typically permits extra stability and heavier masses. Stick your main leg out so there’s a couple of foot size between your again leg. Let your arms prolong out, protecting a minimal quantity of bend in your elbow.  

Final, you’re going to deliver your fingers collectively and provides them a tough contraction. The extent of the pulley will dictate the place your arms meet. To know the place you must pull, take a second to note the road of the pulley when your arms are prolonged outwards. You need to pull in a straight line following the cable. 

Once more, change the angle each time. Or you might even use totally different angles every session. This provides you with some freedom so as to add selection to your periods. Check out our Finest Cable Chest Workouts for some inspiration.

The 6 Finest Tricep Workouts

Whereas most individuals routinely consider isolation actions for the triceps, we observe science and embrace 3 totally different compound workouts to coach the triceps muscle.

However don’t fear, there are nonetheless isolation actions to incorporate in your chest and triceps coaching. Listed here are one of the best workouts to form some beastly horseshoes on the again of your arms. You may’t go flawed together with these in your chest and triceps exercise.


chest and tricep workout for mass

Dips are a must have motion in anybody’s chest and tri exercise. Utilizing dips in your pushing program goes to extend power and muscle mass whereas bettering total athleticism. 

Due are so nice as they help you load the triceps together with your complete physique weight. That’s quite a lot of mass that the triceps should transfer, that means they are going to see excessive ranges of activation. Nevertheless, we need to do them the fitting method to get the very best ranges of activation. Due to this fact, you’ll need to carry out vertical dips as research have proven this variation to get the very best activation degree.

To carry out these, your physique goes to remain comparatively vertical the whole motion. Solely leaning barely ahead to permit your self to come back down. Additional, you need to preserve your elbows tucked into the physique.  


brutal chest and tricep workout

One other unbelievable train for chest and tricep day, rivaling the #1 triceps train, is the triangle push-up. In actual fact, the #1 spot goes backwards and forwards between these and dips, relying on the examine.

This examine confirmed that each the lengthy head and lateral head of the triceps (examine) had the very best activation out of 8 workouts. Due to this fact, as an alternative of arguing over which one is best, simply do each of them!  

Triangle push-ups work as they carry the arms shut sufficient in order that the fingers contact. This creates a considerably higher vary of movement on the elbow whereas additionally reducing the contribution of the pectoral muscle groups.

The pectorals are recruited extra because the elbows exit from the physique and create higher horizontal abduction. As we’re nearly eliminating this, the triceps are labored to a a lot larger diploma. 


chest and tricep workout women

The shut grip bench press is likely one of the finest urgent workouts, making it simple to go as heavy as you need or permitting you to maintain it gentle and rep out.

The shut grip bench press works equally to triangle push-ups in that because of your fingers being nearer collectively, you’ll have to carry out a higher vary of movement when letting the bar down.

If you carry out the close-grip bench press, you’ll need to use a supinated grip. Research have proven that performing the close-grip bench press with a pronated grip does certainly activate the triceps to a better diploma, BUT it decreases exercise within the pectorals. Nevertheless, when utilizing a supinated grip, you’ll improve the exercise of the pectorals whereas sustaining the identical larger exercise of the triceps. 


chest and tricep workout at home

Rolling dumbbell extensions are the primary isolation motion on this record of finest triceps workouts. Nevertheless, this isolation motion doesn’t imply you received’t be transferring quite a lot of weight.

In actuality, whereas we name the rolling dumbbell extension an isolation train, this motion happens at two joints: elbow extension and shoulder extension. The aim of permitting shoulder extension is to permit physique momentum to maneuver extra weight. 

As you lie on a bench, you’ll maintain two dumbbells instantly over your physique with arms prolonged. Subsequent, let the dumbbells come down by bending the elbow in the identical method as a cranium crushers. When you hit full flexion of the elbow joint, you then enable your arms to rotate behind your head.

The triceps will get tighter as you return. When the triceps can’t return anymore, you’ll energy your arms up in order that the elbows go vertical. You’ll then let the momentum you simply created explode into elbow extension; thus, permitting you to make use of a heavier weight.


Is it good to train chest and triceps together?

Just like the cable puller chest flies, the triceps pushdown could be performed with a spread of implements. Some variations embrace;

  • Reverse-grip
  • Rope Triceps Pushdown
  • V-Deal with Pushdown
  • Straight Bar Pushdown

Due to this fact you will rotate by means of varied variations in your exercise. You are able to do this per session or per 30 days. The primary goal is utilizing selection and pushing to failure by utilizing both drops units or assisted reps.


chest and tris workout

Triceps kickbacks are a primary instance of the way you don’t want quite a lot of weight for a sensible train. Because of the mechanical drawback, you’re in throughout this motion, you can be pressured to make use of a decrease load.

Don’t let this flip you off. When you may put your ego apart and choose up some small dumbbells, you’ll unlock probably the greatest pure isolation workouts for the triceps.

That is such an excellent motion as a result of earlier than you even start the train, it’s essential to use an isometric contraction to maintain your arm from falling as you lean over. As now we have mentioned above, that is akin to shoulder extension during which your lengthy head performs a pivotal row.  

Additional, as a result of movement, no different muscle can add power. Whereas the opposite actions are unbelievable, even issues like cable triceps extensions, you’re nonetheless going to recruit totally different muscle groups. Nevertheless, you get no assist with triceps kickback.  

These are nice to make use of on the finish of a session to make use of to coach to failure. 

That is It! The Finest Chest And Triceps Exercise Routine!

You simply realized one of the best health club chest and tris program that you would be able to observe, together with programming ideas and methods to do one of the best chest and tricep workouts. This is all you want to add severe muscle mass to your chest and triceps and construct insane pushing energy. 

Additional, you realized methods to use progressive overload and alter coaching variables to make progress without end. Now, it’s as much as you to place within the work in your chest and triceps exercise.  We will’t try this for you however we all know you’ve got acquired that lined.

Now go prepare!

Remember to make use of these 10 Finest Chest Stretches For Earlier than And After Exercises. And in the event you’re on the lookout for one other superior exercise to attempt, try our Final Chest And Bicep Exercise!

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