Mountain Pose (Tadasana): Do, Advantages and Precautions

mountain pose tadasana
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Mountain pose is a straightforward standing posture that requires the toes to be collectively and the physique to be steady and upright whereas standing straight.

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The title consists of the Sanskrit phrases “tada“that means”mountain,” and “asana” that means “pose.” It’s a highly effective posture that promotes stability, focus, calmness and good posture.

On a deeper degree, it helps preserve consciousness of alignment whereas exploring the physique in solitude.

And you aren’t simply standing there by chance.

Your whole physique performs a task in aligning your bones and sustaining an upright backbone, and also you want to pay attention to every aspect.

Additionally, on this posture, the concord of the seven chakras is established with the assistance of the energizing and calming circulation of prana.

While you consciously observe the mountain posture, you’ll be able to understand and internalize the energy and stability of a mountain.

The academics of the Ashtanga lineage additionally check with it as samasthitithe place “alone” means “equal” and “sthiti“means”standing nonetheless

In yoga, it serves as a precursor to all different standing postures and may also be carried out independently. It’s thought-about essentially the most primary yoga posture. All different yoga postures might be practiced extra successfully if this asana is mastered.

If the right proportions of Mountain Pose, you’ll be able to carry out all different standing postures and inversions extra rapidly and simply and preserve alignment.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana) Observe Information

Do Mountain Pose(Steps)

  • Stand on a yoga mat with naked toes. You’ll be able to both maintain your toes collectively or hip-width aside.
  • Carry the toes, unfold the toe fingers aside and place them to distribute the burden evenly.
  • Be certain your pelvis is ahead in a impartial place and your knees and hips are aligned.
  • Squeeze your thighs collectively, rotate them inward and pull your kneecaps up.
  • Keep the pure curvature of the backbone.
  • Pull the sternum up with out pushing out the decrease ribs.
  • Make your collarbones wider and ensure your shoulders are over your pelvis.
  • Deliver your shoulders to your ears and pull your shoulders again to launch your shoulder blades downward.
  • Stretch the crown of your head in direction of the ceiling to maintain your head straight and according to your backbone.
  • Maintain the arms on the sides, palms dealing with ahead or inward, and unfold the fingers.
  • Stay on this posture for 5-10 breaths.
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Learners’ Ideas

  • Even though Tadasana seems to be simply standing up, attempt to not rush via it or bypass it. At the start of any yoga observe, carry out no less than one excellent mountain pose with full consciousness.
  • You’ll be able to maintain your toes barely aside as a substitute of closing them collectively to keep away from the ankles rubbing in opposition to one another.
  • It’s typically really useful to position the legs hip-width aside because it helps with discovering your stability and stability.
  • To really feel the rotation of the thighs, place a yoga block between your thighs and squeeze it. The widest floor of the block must be positioned on the within of your thighs.
  • Observe the pose in entrance of a mirror to confirm your alignment.
  • A folded blanket might be stored below the heels to cut back any discomfort. If a blanket just isn’t accessible, you’ll be able to fold one finish of the mat.

Mountain Pose Variations

  1. Prolonged Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose): This variation will increase general physique flexibility and is especially useful for top improve. Stand in Tadasana, increase your arms above the top, interlock the fingers, and stretch upwards whereas lifting your heels. Repeat the method, releasing with every exhalation.
Extended Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)
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Tiryaka Tadasana: This variation offers a superb stretch to the waist and sides of the physique. Begin in Palm Tree Pose after which, with inhalation, bend your higher physique in direction of the proper from the waist. Exhale and launch. Repeat the identical on the left aspect.

These variations supply distinctive stretches and advantages, permitting practitioners to discover completely different dimensions of the Tadasana pose.

Tiryaka Tadasana(Mountain Pose)
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  • A few of the commonest modifications for the mountain pose are within the type of arm placements, corresponding to:
    • Stretching your arms overhead and preserving them straight. On this place, the arms might be joined collectively in Anjali Mudra or the fingers of each arms might be interlaced.
    • Kind the Anjali mudra along with your arms in entrance of the chest.
    • Kind the Anjali mudra along with your arms however along with your arms on the again. That is referred to as Reverse Anjali mudra or reverse namaste. This is likely to be barely tough for individuals who have tight shoulders and a stiff higher again.
  • To get a straight again and backbone, you’ll be able to take the help of a wall by preserving your again in opposition to it.
  • Using a yoga block between the wall and numerous components of your again will assist in preserving your chest and hips aligned:
    • Place a yoga block between the higher or center again to forestall falling of the chest.
    • Place a yoga block between the decrease again to forestall falling of the hips and decrease again.


  • Individuals affected by vertigo, migraine, low or hypertension, or headache ought to proceed with warning as this pose requires some degree of stability. The identical applies to pregnant ladies and senior residents.
  • When you have just lately undergone surgical procedure or suffered an harm in your again, knees, ankles, or hip, it’s best to keep away from this pose in the meanwhile.

Comply with-up Poses

Any standing, balancing, inversion, or ahead poses could be a follow-up from the mountain pose. Some well-liked follow-up poses are:

Advantages of Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain pose is the mom of all poses because it advantages every a part of your physique. Standing straight with an ideal alignment encourages higher respiratory, improves posture, tones muscle tissue, and free circulation of power all through the physique. Additionally it is a great way to extend your focus and consciousness.

Listed below are a number of the advantages of working towards the mountain pose:

  • Improves posture and stability. By standing up straight, you’re basically straightening your backbone, pelvis, again and head in order that they arrive into their pure formation. Practising mountain pose counteracts a rounded again and stiff pelvic space that outcomes from sitting for lengthy intervals of time. By addressing these areas, you purpose for good posture and maintain your physique balanced.
  • Tones your leg, stomach and gluteal muscle tissue. You may work your stomach muscle tissue to help the pure curve of your decrease again. The glutes assist preserve a impartial pelvic place. And to face firmly on the bottom, each muscle in your leg is totally engaged.
  • This strengthens your thighs, knees and ankles. You actively tighten your thigh muscle tissue as you pull your knees up. Your ankles additionally must exert some strain to maintain your legs straight and help your physique weight. All of this helps to strengthen these areas.
  • Permits uninterrupted circulation of power via the backbone. The prana circulation is inspired to circulation via the backbone freely as this pose allows you to stand straight. It is advisable to preserve the alignment of the spinal column by stacking the vertebrae on high of one another and bringing consciousness to it.
  • Enhances consciousness and application. The mountain pose encourages the practitioner to take heed to all of the refined actions whereas sustaining the pose. Together with breath consciousness, the practitioner turns into deeply conscious of the stillness of this pose.
  • Enhance confidence and vanity. In line with analysis printed in 2017, yoga poses corresponding to tadasana have been efficient in boosting vanity as in comparison with ‘energy poses’ when carried out for less than 2 minutes. That is because of the expansive nature of such poses which expands the chest and encourages you to face tall.


The mountain pose is essentially the most accessible asana that anybody can carry out. It stabilizes your thoughts and physique and enhances your confidence and vanity. Even if you happen to observe this pose for two minutes every day, you will see aid from psychological fog and acquire a peaceful thoughts.

Steadily Requested Questions

How lengthy do you have to maintain the mountain pose?

At first, maintain the mountain pose for 10-20 seconds at a time. Progressively improve this time and embody this posture as a routine train in the beginning of your yoga asana sequence.

What are the disadvantages of mountain pose?

If you’re a newbie, it’s best to keep away from standing for too lengthy. As a newbie, your legs are usually not used to a lot pressure, and working towards for too lengthy might tire out your legs sooner. Moreover, it might additionally pressure your knee and trigger ache. You need to begin small and embody props like blankets or towels in your toes and steadily construct up energy to carry the pose for longer durations.

Does mountain pose improve top?

Whereas there isn’t any substantial proof to show that the mountain pose will help in growing top, it’s believed that by stretching and lengthening all the key muscle teams, it’s doable. It helps within the secretion of the expansion hormone via the stimulation of the endocrine system and pituitary gland. Thus, if you happen to persistently observe the mountain pose 5 instances a day, you may be capable of see some progress spurt.

Nonetheless, secretion of the expansion hormone is barely doable till the age of 24.

One other doable clarification for an elevated top is that for the reason that mountain pose improves posture and allows an elongated backbone, it makes you stand tall. This leads to giving the impression of elevated top.

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