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Peter Attia’s weblog lately had an attention-grabbing article on the significance of hydrating nicely as we age. Analysis reveals our thirst response turns into much less dependable and we might not mechanically drink sufficient based mostly on thirst alone. So you will need to bear in mind to hydrate extra usually. There’s an reverse drawback known as hyponatremia, nevertheless, which might happen in individuals who drink a whole lot of fluid and in addition sweat quite a bit, however don’t absorb sufficient sodium. So it’s additionally vital to look at your sodium consumption, particularly when exercising within the warmth. This was first found by Professor Tim Noakes (reference right here). It particularly turned an issue as extra beginner athletes had been doing occasions like marathons. This may make individuals sweat for a number of hours. Tips on the time had been to drink on a schedule even when not thirsty, however ample sodium consumption was not emphasised sufficient.

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I had a wake-up name about hydration in my late 50s. I went for a tough three-hour bike journey on a scorching day. Once I obtained residence, I used to be headed for the bathe, with my good chilly restoration drink in my hand, once I fainted and awakened on the ground. I used to be unharmed, happily, however have watched my hydration standing on scorching days ever since. I additionally take electrolyte tablets to forestall attainable hyponatremia throughout lengthy exercises.

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