A Chest and Triceps Exercise for Basic Measurement and Power

Amongst skilled lifters, heading into the fitness center for a centered chest and triceps exercise stands as a testomony to severe dedication. From powerlifters aiming for his or her subsequent bench press PR to bodybuilders striving for a near-perfect physique, these periods are elementary within the lifting world. It’s not simply concerning the aesthetics; it’s about energy, resilience, and dedication.

Coaching your chest and triceps collectively affords a balanced method, maximizing each push mechanics and muscle engagement. Whether or not you’re a seasoned athlete or somebody simply beginning out, there’s all the time room to refine approach, push boundaries, and see real progress.

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This exercise makes use of an method impressed by the “Mountain Canine” — legendary bodybuilding coach John Meadows. This technique consists in a selected sequencing of workout routines thought out to maximise the mind-muscle connection, construct the muscular pump, and protect longevity within the fitness center. Time to dive in and elevate your chest and triceps sport to the subsequent stage.

Chest and Triceps Exercise

The best way to Heat-up for a Higher Chest and Triceps Exercise

Warming up earlier than diving into an intense chest and triceps exercise isn’t only a suggestion — it’s an important step. A correct warm-up primes the physique, steadily growing the guts price, enhancing blood move to the muscle groups, and lubricating the joints. This ensures not solely optimum muscle engagement and adaptability but additionally considerably reduces the danger of accidents. (1)

That is very true for periods involving the shoulder joint (chest, shoulders, or “pushing” exercises) as it’s the most versatile, but additionally comparatively fragile, within the physique. With out this preparatory section, muscle groups stay stiff, making them extra prone to strains or pulls, and joints may be caught off guard, resulting in pointless stress and even long-term injury.

Warming up has psychological advantages, as properly. It offers a transition interval, permitting you to mentally put together and concentrate on the upcoming exercise. This psychological shift from relaxation to exercise is essential for optimum efficiency, making certain that each the physique and thoughts are in sync. Thus, skipping the warm-up not solely jeopardizes bodily well being but additionally diminishes the general high quality and effectiveness of the exercise. (2)

  1. Band Over-and-Again: Maintain a lightweight resistance band at shoulder-height with an overhand grip and your elbows straight. Barely hinge ahead so that you just don’t “cheat” the train by arching your again. Stay in that place, squeeze your shoulder blades collectively, and lengthen your arms out to the perimeters to offer stress. Maintain your arms straight the entire time and transfer the band from in entrance of you, up and overhead, and behind your again so far as consolation and mobility permit. Then carry the band again to the preliminary place. Carry out 10 repetitions earlier than transferring on the subsequent train.
  2. Band Pull-Aside: Stand absolutely upright and start together with your arms collectively in entrance of you at chest-height. Stretch the band by pulling the band aside and squeezing your shoulder blades collectively till your arms are prolonged to type a T-shape out to the perimeters. Repeat for 12 to fifteen repetitions and transfer on to the final train.
  3. Band Triceps Extension: Loop the band round a secure overhead assist like an influence rack in order that it’s above head-height. Seize the band with each arms, brace your core, and bend barely ahead. Whereas protecting your elbows glued to your ribs, lengthen your forearms down, then flex your higher arms to stretch your triceps earlier than extending them once more. Repeat for 30 to 50 reps. Repeat this complete circuit one or two extra instances for an intensive warm-up.

The Tried and True Chest and Triceps Exercise

This exercise consists of six workout routines — 4 chest workout routines and two triceps workout routines —  organized in a selected method to reap essentially the most advantages. You possibly can carry out it a few times per week, relying on whether or not you discover these physique components to be a “weak level” or not.

The chest and triceps exercise may be embody in both a standard physique part-focused exercise cut up or as a “pushing exercise” in a push/pull/leg plan, with a second push day specializing in the shoulders as an alternative of the chest.

Chest and Triceps Exercise Abstract

  • Slight Decline Dumbbell Bench Press — 4 x 8
  • Slight Incline Barbell Bench Press — 3 x 6-8
  • Machine Chest Press — 1 x 15 with triple rest-pause
  • Pec-Deck — 2 x 12-15 with iso-holds
  • Rope Pushdown — 2 x 12-15
  • Mendacity Triceps Extension — 3 x 8-12

Slight Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

First, we launch with the decline dumbbell bench press. It’s all about activation — consider the train as espresso in your chest. Discard the everyday “barbell train first” method many lifters use and, as an alternative, take a extra for a joint-friendly method. The decline place, in addition to utilizing dumbbells, will enable you really feel and activate your chest muscle groups higher. (3)(4) This fashion, you’ll cut back the danger of harm and also you’ll have the ability to recruit your chest higher within the subsequent workout routines.

The satan’s within the element and, for a greater chest recruitment and luxury, we wish to use slight angles or we danger shifting the load away from the pecs and onto the shoulders or triceps. So don’t get loopy with the decline and use a roughly 10-degree angle — or place a single 25 or 45-pound weight plate below the foot-end of a flat bench. At all times carry out a couple of warm-up units beforehand, as it’s the first train of the session and your shoulder joints nonetheless want gradual preparation. 

  • The best way to do it: Lay down on the decline bench with a pair of dumbbells in your arms. Relying in your particular person set-up, safe your ft below the pad, on a step, or on the plate you place below the bench for elevation. Barely arch your higher again, squeeze your shoulder blades, and press the load up whereas exhaling, ensuring you retain your elbows and wrists aligned with out flaring them or tilting them backward. Decrease the load together with your palms dealing with ahead, utilizing management till the perimeters of the dumbbells are nearly touching your chest. Press again to the beginning place.
  • Units and Reps: 4 x 8
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation 90 to 120 seconds between units.

Advantages of the Slight Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

  • The dumbbells permit for a extra pure and joint-friendly movement, making it a perfect train to start out a session.
  • The slight decline will increase the recruitment of the chest in comparison with the triceps and shoulders, bettering your mind-muscle connection and muscle progress.
  • The slight decline focuses on the sternal portion of the pectoralis (decrease chest) which generally is a profit in case your physique is lagging on this space.

Slight Incline Barbell Bench Press

Subsequent up is the incline barbell bench press for these craving energy and oomph. After the “activation” train, it’s time for the “explosive” section with a giant barbell motion. This can allow you to use a ton of weight to advertise hypertrophy by means of mechanical stress. It’s nonetheless early within the session, so it is best to have a great deal of energy left.

That is referred to as the “explosive” train as a result of we wish to transfer the barbell as quick as potential through the concentric section (while you push the load up) as a way to enhance energy and recruit as many kind II fibers as potential — these are the most important muscle fibers, those we’re after to optimize progress.

The slight incline bench press is a superb pièce de résistance, because the incline will concentrate on the higher chest, a physique half many lifters are poor in. As soon as once more, purpose for a slight angle as an alternative of a steep incline. One thing like 15 to 30-degrees will higher recruit the chest as an alternative of the anterior deltoids. (5) Purpose for heavy units of six the primary week, then attempt to do 7, then 8 reps with the identical weight the next weeks earlier than growing it.

  • The best way to do it: Arrange an adjustable bench to a 15 to 30-degree angle and lay on it. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively so that they lay flat on the bench. Unrack the barbell, utilizing a grip round 1.5-times your shoulder-width. Squeeze the bar arduous and decrease it with management towards your clavicles or higher chest. Cease a pair inches earlier than touching it, in case your shoulders are problematic, and press the load up as arduous and quick as you possibly can whereas exhaling.
  • Units and Reps: 3 x 6-8
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation two to a few minutes between units.

Advantages of the Slight Incline Barbell Bench Press

  • An incline angle, even a slight one, prompts the clavicular head (higher half) of the pectoralis main greater than a flat bench. This makes it significantly helpful for these trying to improve the definition and measurement of their higher chest.
  • The slight incline place might cut back the quantity of stress on the anterior deltoid and the rotator cuff, as in comparison with a flat bench press. This probably minimizes the danger of shoulder accidents, particularly for these with pre-existing shoulder circumstances.
  • The slight incline angle might need extra carryover to on a regular basis actions and sports activities that require pushing or throwing at an upward angle. This purposeful energy is beneficial not only for athletes but additionally in day by day life eventualities.

Machine Chest Press

Now we use a chest press machine to chase that coveted pump. Ever been so pumped you felt like you could possibly bounce cash off your chest? If not, you quickly could be. We’re aiming for that within the “pump” section by driving plenty of vitamins, metabolites, and blood into the muscle groups to stimulate sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This will enhance the quantity of the muscle cells and probably set off much more progress. For a fantastic pump impact, you need an train which can be comparatively secure to go to failure so you possibly can actually push your self, whereas additionally focusing on your chest as a lot as potential.

The machine chest press is an ideal match because it develops the chest as a complete, rounding out the earlier angle-focused pummeling. A high quality machine doesn’t necessitate steadiness or high-level approach, so the motion is safer. Finish with the high-intensity rest-pause approach to push your self out of your consolation zone and stimulate most muscle progress. (6) Purpose for a really arduous set of 15 repetitions, then look forward to 20 seconds, and do as many reps as you possibly can with the identical weight. Then do it once more twice! It’ll principally doubtless be just a few reps the final time.

  • The best way to do it: Discover your favourite chest press machine and get in securely. Set the bench top so your arms are round mid-chest stage within the beginning place. Load the machine, puff your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades, and lengthen your arms by pushing by means of the handles till they’re straight. Reverse the movement with management, whereas nonetheless remaining braced.
  • Units and Reps: 1 x 15 with triple rest-pause — carry out 15 reps to muscular failure, relaxation briefly, cut back the load and carry out extra reps to failure. Relaxation briefly, cut back the load and proceed. Relaxation briefly once more, and repeat one last time.
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation 20 to 30 seconds for every rest-pause.

Advantages of the Machine Chest Press

  • One of many foremost benefits of utilizing machines is security. For these lifting heavy or working as much as (or past) muscle fatigue, machines cut back the danger of dropping weights or failing mid-rep.
  • The machine chest press can present focused stimulation with out the interference of stabilizing muscle groups, permitting you to completely really feel and focus in your chest.
  • The remaining-pause technique successfully will increase time below stress and metabolic stress, each of that are vital elements for muscle progress.

Pec-Deck Machine

Rounding off the chest, the pec-deck (or machine chest flye) affords the stretch you didn’t know you wanted however received’t overlook anytime quickly. Now that our muscle groups are actually warmed up, we are able to safely use workout routines emphasizing the stretch with out harm. The stretch will not be solely nice to enhance mobility, but additionally is linked to extra muscle progress. (7)

You possibly can use cable crossovers as an alternative, however the pec-deck machine has the advantage of nullifying the steadiness and bracing wanted as a way to solely focus in your muscle groups. It’s an excellent train to isolate your chest and deep dive into the stretch with a minimal set-up effort and time. Do arduous units of 15 repetitions and, after the ultimate rep, pause within the stretch place for 15 seconds to maintain stimulating the muscle past failure.

  • The best way to do it: Sit on the machine and set the seat top in order that your arms are at shoulder-level or barely decrease. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively and brace your core. Deliver your arms collectively in entrance of you and flex your chest as arduous as potential on every repetition. Reverse the movement with management so far as potential whereas nonetheless having the ability to hold stress in your chest and repeat for the specified quantity of repetitions. On the final repetition, maintain the stretch place for 15 seconds.
  • Units and Reps: 2 x 12-15 utilizing a 15-second iso-hold on the finish of every set.
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation 90 seconds between units.

Advantages of the Pec-Deck Machine

  • The pec-deck isolates the pectoral muscle groups successfully, permitting for a concentrated exercise on the chest with out help from the shoulders or triceps.
  • The pec-deck permits for a deep stretch initially section of the motion, which may steadily enhance vary of movement within the shoulder joint and probably promote muscle hypertrophy. 
  • The mounted path of the machine ensures a constant vary of movement, making certain that the muscle groups are labored by means of a selected and constant arc. This may be significantly helpful for reinforcing correct motion patterns and making certain balanced improvement on each side of the physique.

Rope Pushdown

Now it’s time to hammer your triceps. Doing them final ensures you possibly can elevate essentially the most weight throughout your chest workout routines, and that your delicate elbow joints are fully prepared for the pummeling forward. In the identical spirit, we’re going to make use of the basic triceps pushdown with a rope attachment, a really joint-friendly train. Stick with isolation workout routines to easily end off your triceps as a result of they had been already stimulated rather a lot through the chest-focused a part of the session. 

This train is an ideal match to start out the triceps phase because the rope permits for a easy and pure movement, enhancing mind-muscle connection with out placing extreme stress on the elbows. 

  • The best way to do it: Stand in entrance of a pulley station and set it as excessive as potential. Connect a rope to it. When you’re a long-limbed lifter, you could possibly even connect two ropes for an elevated vary of movement, grabbing one with every hand. Barely bend your knees and hinge ahead so that you just don’t by chance hit your self beneath the belt whereas performing the train. Brace your core and lengthen your arms down whereas ensuring that solely your forearms are transferring. Within the backside place, squeeze your triceps as arduous as you possibly can for a second. Slowly flex again your arms to stretch your triceps and repeat for the specified quantity of reps.
  • Units and Reps: 2 x 12-15
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation 60 to 90 seconds between units.

Advantages of the Rope Pushdown

  • Utilizing a rope attachment permits for larger vary of movement than a straight bar, making certain optimum triceps engagement in comparison with different triceps workout routines.
  • The managed motion of the pushdown, particularly when carried out utilizing cables and a rope, locations much less stress on the elbow joint in comparison with free-weight triceps workout routines. This may be advantageous for these with elbow points or trying to stop pressure.
  • The rope permits customers to unfold the ends aside on the backside of the motion, offering a further contraction or “squeeze” within the triceps. This will additional improve muscle activation and hypertrophy potential.

Mendacity Triceps Extension

We’re saving the perfect for final, because the mendacity triceps extension is a meat and potatoes motion in triceps coaching. You should use a ton of weight, thus selling unimaginable energy and hypertrophy. However this train may be arduous on the joints and we wish to hold egos in examine to keep away from any harm. This train can be referred to as the “cranium crusher,” so doing it on the finish of a session signifies that your joints will higher tolerate the stress, and also you received’t have the ability to use as a lot weight due to the cumulative fatigue.

In any case, this train stays the king of triceps isolation workout routines, so don’t suppose for a minute that it received’t make your arms stretch your sleeves. If in case you have dangerous wrists, be at liberty to make use of the EZ bar, as this squiggly factor may be simpler on the joints.

  • The best way to do it: Seize a barbell with a pronated (palm down) grip, shoulder-width or barely nearer, and lay down on a flat bench. Prolong your arms towards the ceiling and brace your core. From there, bend your arms and have the barbell cease an inch earlier than it touches your brow — transfer solely your forearms, not your higher arms or shoulders — then press the load up forcefully.
  • Units and Reps: 3 x 8-12
  • Relaxation Time: Relaxation 60 to 90 seconds between units.

Advantages of the Mendacity Triceps Extension

  • One of many main advantages of this train is the power to make use of comparatively heavy weights in comparison with another triceps isolation workout routines. Heavier hundreds can produce larger mechanical stress on the muscle fibers, a vital issue for muscle progress.
  • The mendacity triceps extension is especially efficient at focusing on the lengthy head of the triceps, which is the most important of the three triceps heads.
  • This train has a pronounced eccentric (muscle-lengthening or reducing) section. Eccentric actions have been related to larger muscle injury, which generally is a stimulus for muscle restore and progress.

Muscle groups Skilled In the course of the Exercise

Whenever you’re performing a chest and triceps exercise, you’ll use varied workout routines to focus on these muscle groups, making certain complete improvement. Compound actions like bench presses have interaction a number of muscle teams, whereas isolation workout routines like triceps pushdowns or chest flies focus extra particularly on one group.

Pectoralis Main

That is the most important muscle within the chest, properly, the one we merely name “the chest.” The clavicular head (higher chest) originates from the clavicle and helps in flexing the humerus (as in lifting the arm in entrance of you). The sternal head (decrease/mid-chest) originates from the sternum and aids in adducting and rotating the humerus (as in flapping the arm down and inward). Article Image A persons chest
A Chest and Triceps Exercise for Basic Measurement and Power 10

Workout routines carried out on an horizontal aircraft work the pectoralis as entire, whereas incline variations goal the higher chest, and decline workout routines work extra the decrease chest.

Triceps Brachii

Positioned on the again of the higher arm, it has three heads. The lengthy head is the most important and runs alongside the again of the arm. It performs a task in extending the arm and adducting it (transferring it towards the physique). The lateral head is situated on the outer facet of the arm, giving the triceps its horseshoe form. Lastly, the medial head is deeper and runs beneath the lengthy and lateral heads. It assists in extending the forearm.


Whereas the pectorals and triceps are the first focus, the anterior deltoid (entrance shoulder) is unavoidably activated and labored to a big diploma. This overlap is one cause why many coaching applications typically pair chest with shoulders or permit enough relaxation between chest and shoulder exercises to make sure the anterior deltoids recuperate correctly. The center and posterior deltoids are additionally recruited to an extent particularly on incline actions or as stabilizer. 

Unlocking Higher Physique Excellence

There’s an artwork and science to efficient coaching and this exercise superbly melds each. By prioritizing joint well being and muscle activation, we’re not simply lifting weights; we’re sculpting an higher physique masterpiece. The considerate association of workout routines, mixed with methods like iso-holds and rest-pauses, ensures every muscle fiber is recruited for max acquire. 

In order you energy by means of every rep, do not forget that it’s extra than simply movement — it’s purposeful progress. Whether or not you’re a seasoned gym-goer or stepping onto the exercise flooring for the primary time, this chest and triceps routine guarantees outcomes that talk for themselves. Give it your all and watch as energy, definition, and confidence develop into your exercise rewards.


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