Duplicate Engagement Rings – ‘Faux’ Journey Engagement Rings

Do individuals purchase pretend engagement rings to journey overseas?

Now we have been requested many instances over time to create reproduction engagement rings based mostly on our current jewelry designs. However why would anybody desire a journey engagement ring? The reply varies relying on private circumstances.

Travelling overseas with an costly diamond ring

A few of our shoppers who buy a really costly engagement ring fear about carrying it overseas. Along with the danger of loss, in lots of international locations, there may be an elevated danger of theft.

Moreover, jewelry insurance coverage insurance policies could not cowl an merchandise’s worth overseas. Furthermore, Some areas of the World pose elevated dangers throughout journey.

Apart from leisure journey, many consumers are dedicated to working journeys overseas. Naturally, some would favor to put on their engagement ring while travelling.

Creating an affordable diamond reproduction engagement ring

Along with our diamond choices, we now provide a reproduction choice set into valuable metallic. Because the majority of the fee lies throughout the diamond itself, it’s attainable to attain a really shut reproduction ring.

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Duplicate Engagement Rings - 'Faux' Journey Engagement Rings 16

The Lila engagement ring, only one design accessible as a diamond ring set with a pure diamond, lab-grown diamond, Moissanite or with an affordable Cubic Zirconia.

Do reproduction engagement rings look actual?

Anybody who visits our UK showroom will see that a lot of our ring designs are carried in our showroom as reproduction rings. Designs are then crafted within the valuable metallic required and set with natural-certified diamonds. Our showroom samples are usually set with superb reduce crystal. We’re proud that our resolution supplies the absolute best different to an precise diamond ring.

Faux diamond engagement rings vs actual diamond engagement rings

At this level, you could be questioning why individuals don’t simply purchase a ‘reproduction’ as a substitute of the particular diamond engagement ring. There are two major causes for selecting a diamond above another different reproduction stones. For long-term put on, diamonds are extraordinarily sturdy. A ‘pretend’ or reproduction ring, when worn day by day, will put on. The polish will scuff, and sides will seem worn below a lens. For that reason, reproduction designs ought to actually be worn sometimes, with the actual diamond engagement ring worn day-to-day.

What makes our reproduction diamond engagement rings the very best?

The reproduction choice for our engagement rings leads to the absolute best reproduction rings. It’s because we solely use valuable metals—identical to our actual engagement rings. Moreover, we use solely the perfect crystal, that are diamond reduce to perfection and brilliantly faceted.

A word on creating reproduction engagement rings

Please word that for any order we obtain for a Moissanite engagement ring or crystal, reproduction engagement ring design, we specify all supplies used on your order. As well as, all invoices determine diamonds as lab-grown or pure, or Moissanite as a part of their description.

Instance of a Moissanite solitaire engagement ring.

Are lab-grown diamond rings actual diamond rings?

We lately launched the choice of lab-grown diamond rings along with our pure diamond ring assortment. As a part of our service, we now present nearly all designs with a selection of pure or lab-grown.

lab-grown diamonds include a laser inscription on the girdle to identify them as lab created diamonds
Instance of a lab-grown diamond engagement ring displaying the one distinguishable element to inform pure and lab-grown choices aside.

Lab-grown diamonds are actual diamonds, an identical in each manner aside from how they had been shaped. In contrast to pure diamonds shaped naturally under the Earth, lab diamonds are grown below laboratory circumstances. Each present the identical hardness and optical and chemical properties. Nevertheless, lab-grown diamonds lack the rarity of a pure diamond. For that reason, costs present an an identical, but decrease price different to a pure diamond.

Which metallic to decide on for a pretend engagement ring – Gold or Silver?

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