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4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina

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4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina 40

Lately, Lauryn met Nikki Bostwick and once they bought on the subject of vaginal steaming, Lauryn simply needed to invite her on the weblog to inform us all of the specifics.

In case you have but to satisfy Nikki, she is the founder and co-host of the model/podcast THE FULLEST. The model focuses on historic practices for contemporary ladies, serving to them obtain wellness by means of dietary supplements and practices for the on a regular basis, but additionally throughout momentous phases of life like: preconception, prenatal, postpartum and menopause.

At the moment Nikki is right here to inform us all about YONI STEAMING. Yoni = vagina. You may bear in mind Lauryn mentioning this enjoyable topic a couple of years in the past, so as we speak we’re so excited that Nikki, an actual authority within the house, is right here to delve just a little deeper. On this submit you possibly can anticipate to find out about the advantages and find out how to do it your self.

Let’s get began.


Whats up, TSC readers! I’m Nikki Bostwick, the founding father of THE FULLEST, a holistic wellness platform, podcast, and product line. Ever since my late teenagers, I’ve launched into a journey of wellness exploration, delving into historic practices that help people in residing extra fulfilling lives. In my expertise within the ladies’s wellness house, I’ve seen the shortage of training we’ve got relating to our wombs. At the moment, I’m excited to share with you the unbelievable advantages of an age-old ritual that has been gaining recognition in wellness circles: vaginal steaming, also called pelvic steaming.

4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina:

Relieves Interval Ache and Optimizes Your Cycle

For a lot of ladies, the menstrual cycle comes with its fair proportion of discomfort, and typically even excruciating ache. Most individuals don’t know that your interval ought to solely consist of 4 days of recent, crimson blood. In case you have any form of ache, it’s an indicator that there’s stagnation and there could also be outdated blood or blood clots on the vaginal partitions that haven’t totally launched every time you could have a interval. Even the healthiest ladies can expertise this as a result of environmental toxins that we’re uncovered to day by day are out of our management.

Though it has been normalized, we shouldn’t need to expertise this cramping when menstruating. Cramping is your uterus contracting, which ought to solely occur while you’re in labor. Incorporating a month-to-month vaginal steaming follow into your wellness routine will help you in successfully cleaning out your uterus and forestall you from having any cramps, launch any mucus that may congeal to create cysts and fibroids, and can help you in getting again to steadiness. By permitting the herbal-infused steam to softly nourish and calm down the uterine muscular tissues, this follow can considerably ease interval ache, making your month-to-month cycle extra manageable and fewer painful.

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4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina 41

Prevents Bacterial Infections, Yeast Infections, & UTIs

Vaginal well being is a essential facet of general well-being. One of many lesser-known advantages of vaginal steaming is its skill to forestall frequent infections akin to bacterial infections, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The nice and cozy natural steam not solely cleanses the vaginal space but additionally promotes a wholesome steadiness of micro organism. This steadiness is essential in stopping these uncomfortable and sometimes recurrent infections that may disrupt your day by day life.

Balances Hormones, Helps Fertility, and Will increase Libido

Our hormones play a vital function in our general well being and well-being. Vaginal steaming has been proven to assist steadiness hormones, which may have a constructive affect on fertility and libido. The follow promotes optimum uterine well being and enhances the physique’s pure processes, making a extra fertile setting. Moreover, the elevated blood stream and leisure supplied by the steam can result in heightened libido and a deeper reference to your individual physique.

Helps Postpartum Therapeutic

The postpartum interval is a time of great bodily and emotional adjustment. Vaginal steaming has been a trusted follow in postpartum care throughout varied cultures. It aids within the therapeutic course of after childbirth, serving to to appease tears or scars, tone the reproductive system, and enhance circulation. The steam additionally clears stagnant power, offering emotional therapeutic and permitting you to maneuver ahead from a spot of empowerment.

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4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina 42

The Ritual

Step one in embarking in your vaginal steaming journey is to decide on a pot that feels sacred and nurturing for the ritual. It’s really helpful to discover a pot made from sustainable components like clay or glass. You’ll additionally want a stool that’s comfy for sitting and has a gap in your vagina to expertise the steam. In case you’re in search of these things, our Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle is a wonderful selection.

To arrange, add a sachet of our Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb mix to a pot of water and convey it to a rolling boil. Then, take away the pot from warmth, cowl it with a lid, and place it beneath THE FULLEST Pelvic Steaming Stool. Now, undress from the waist down, take away the pot’s lid, and gently sit on the stool. Create a comfortable tent round your decrease physique and the stool utilizing a blanket created from pure fibers to maintain the steam from escaping. Your ritual is full while you really feel the natural steam has cooled.

Discover extra info on holistic wellness on THE FULLEST web site. Moreover, you possibly can tune in to THE FULLEST Podcast for extra well-being assets and discover our Womb Protector™ ritual bundle right here.

Embrace the knowledge of historic practices and take management of your well-being with vaginal steaming.


So many purpose to start out steaming our vaginas asap. Have you ever finished vaginal steams earlier than? Tell us beneath. Make sure you checkout Nikki’s podcast and IG. Each are superb assets for girls’s well being.

x, The Skinny Confidential group.

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4 Causes Why Each Girl Must Steam Her Vagina 43

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