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Which Period Are You In?

It hasn’t modified my life on paper, but it surely fully modified how I really feel in my physique and about my physique. After spending my 20s and most of my 30s actually solely caring concerning the scale quantity (which I remorse to confess would make or break my day), now I solely care concerning the quantity I can deadlift and squat and shoulder press, and I’m THRILLED when these numbers go up. 

Each week I expect to find out if I can transfer extra weight, get extra reps, really feel stronger. And I believe that will get to the guts of it for me — I used to see train as a method of burning energy, in pursuit of being leaner, smaller, however weight coaching is about how far more I can do, not how a lot much less I could be, and that shift in mindset has been liberating.

Plus, each time I choose up a barbell, it looks like a small act of riot — in opposition to all of the messages I obtained rising up about how girls ought to look and what they need to do and the place they belong — and I really like that feeling.

Clearly I’m biased, however I personally suppose it’s superior you’re pondering of making an attempt it, and I believe you need to go for it 🙂

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