Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl: How To and Coaching

The soundness ball hip extension hamstring curl is in contrast to any hamstring train you have ever carried out. Coaching the hamstrings is commonly an afterthought as a result of the glutes and quads get many of the consideration. And when the hamstrings are educated, it’s often on the hamstring curl machine the place some mindlessly curl to their coronary heart’s content material, by no means actually feeling their hamstrings.

This ends now.

Many implausible workouts isolate and strengthen the hamstrings, together with RDL variations and the hamstring curl machine. However there may be one train, usually uncared for as a result of it isn’t weighted, that may enhance your hamstrings, add worthwhile muscle and go a protracted approach to decreasing hamstring strains.

What’s it? It is the soundness ball hip extension hamstring curl. It is a mouthful, and after this deep dive into it, it is an train that ought to change into an everyday a part of your hamstring routine.

Let’s dive in.

What’s the Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl?

The outsized seashore balls within the nook of the fitness center are stability balls and can be utilized for different workouts moreover crunches (and resting in between units). This train combines a body weight straight leg hip extension and hamstring curl. The soundness ball’s unstable nature engages extra of the physique’s stabilizer muscle tissue to forestall you from shedding your steadiness and feeling like a idiot.

Many hamstring workouts solely practice the hamstrings a technique, however this train trains two hamstrings’ capabilities, as a knee flexor and a hip extensor. Supplying you with extra bang in your hamstring buck.

The way to Do the Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl

  1. Put each toes on prime of the soundness ball together with your legs straight and again on the bottom.
  2. Come up right into a straight-leg hip extension and squeeze your glutes.
  3. Curl the ball in direction of you till your toes are flat on the ball and your physique is straight from hips to shoulders.
  4. Reverse again to the beginning place and reset and repeat.

Muscle tissues Skilled

Effectively, it’s given away within the title, so there are not any surprises. This train is predominantly a lower-body train with solely minor upper-body help. Listed below are the first muscle tissue educated by the SB hip extension hamstring curl.

  • Glutes: The glutes work concentrically with the hip extension and isometrically to keep up the hip extension place whereas doing the hamstring curl.
  • Calves: Play a minor position in helping the hamstrings with knee flexion.
  • Hamstrings: That is the place the cash is made. The hamstrings work as a hip extender and a knee flexor.
  • Anterior Core/Decrease Again: Each areas are educated isometrically to maintain the backbone impartial and to let the glutes and hamstrings do their job.

Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl Advantages

It goes with out saying, however I will point out it anyway. The primary motive you do most workouts is for self-importance functions. With this being a body weight train, you may carry out larger reps for juicy hamstring positive factors. Listed below are just a few extra causes you need to do it.

  • Hamstring Double Responsibility: Most lifters know the hamstrings are strengthened by knee flexion, however the hamstrings additionally play a significant position as a hip extensor. This motive alone is why you are feeling your hammies throughout deadlift variations. However with the SB hip extension and hamstring curl, your hamstring works as a hip extensor and knee flexor, giving the hamstrings extra time below stress for improved muscle improvement.
  • A Nice Train For Runners : Except runners have been dwelling below a rock, they know they should strength-train their legs for improved efficiency and lowered damage threat. This stability ball train is nice for runners as a result of the ball mimics the unevenness of highway working, and it really works the glutes, which helps enhance working efficiency.
  • Improved Hip & Core Stability: If you’re an skilled stability ball consumer, you recognize the unstable nature of the ball will increase your steadiness and stability calls for. And that is no totally different with this hamstring train. Whereas performing this train, your glutes and core work extra time to maintain you focused on the ball. Suppose they do not, don’t be concerned. You have not acquired far to fall.
  • Diminished Danger Of Hamstring Strains: You know the way a lot it blows when you have ever strained a hamstring. However to cut back your possibilities of it reoccurring, deal with hamstring eccentric contractions. As a result of hamstring strains do not happen when the knee flexes, they occur after they lengthen eccentrically; concentrating on eccentric contraction reduces the chance of hamstring strains due to enhancements in hamstring eccentric energy and the size of the biceps femoris.

Kind Suggestions

There are some actions the place you may tune out and let your thoughts wander to that tasty protein shake you’ll have afterward. This train just isn’t a type of. Everytime you’re utilizing a stability ball, it pays to concentrate. Listed below are just a few kind tricks to be careful for to get the very best out of this train.

  • Right Ball Top: Stability balls come in numerous sizes, and it pays to test earlier than you begin whether or not the ball is the proper dimension for you. Earlier than you curl, sit on the ball; in case your thighs are parallel to the ground, it is the suitable dimension.
  • Do not Hurry: The true hamstring advantages right here come from the eccentric contraction, and to reap the advantages of this contraction, it is advisable decelerate. As a result of it’s a mixture train, deal with it as such, carry out the 2 actions individually, and do not let one bleed into the opposite.
  • Squeeze That Butt: Your backbone should be impartial, and your hips should not sag so that you can get the very best out of this train. And guess the way you do it? If you happen to stated squeeze your butt like no tomorrow, you’ll go to the highest of the category.


The soundness ball hamstring curl variation is finest carried out as an adjunct train to enhance your efficiency with squats and deads, scale back hamstring strains, and add some muscle-building quantity.

Performing two to 4 units of eight to 16 reps works properly with most lifters. Supersetting this with one other ground or stability ball train improves coaching effectivity and positive factors. Right here is one instance.

1A. Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl 10 to 16 reps

1B. Unilateral Dumbbell Flooring Press 8 to 12 reps per facet.

Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl Variations

To maintain progressing and to cease you from getting stale, listed here are some variations and alternate options to maintain your hammies in tip-top form.

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