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Who would have thought {that a} diabetes medicine would turn out to be the highest resolution for selling weight reduction? 

Ozempic has turn out to be one of the well-liked and desired weight reduction medicines attributable to its fame for serving to customers drop some weight by stabilizing blood sugar ranges. It is so well-liked that there’s at the moment a worldwide scarcity attributable to a scarcity of provides till at the very least June 2024. As a result of nature of the medicine, storage pointers are important to assist shield and retain efficiency. One of the crucial widespread questions is, “Does Ozempic must be refrigerated?” On this article, we’ll dive into analysis to learn the way to retailer Ozempic and decide the Ozempic shelf life.

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What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a brand-name semaglutide medicine designed as a weekly injection for treating sort 2 diabetes and continual weight administration.

Semaglutide, a drug within the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists class, mimics the hormone GLP-1. After we eat, GLP-1 is launched to assist sluggish gastric emptying and enhance glycemic management.

It does this by growing insulin (insulin lowers blood glucose ranges) and reducing glucagon (glucagon will increase blood glucose ranges), which helps stabilize blood sugar and break down saved fats for vitality. It additionally slows gastric emptying, which helps vitamins be absorbed slower and forestall cravings by growing satiety.

Initially designed solely for treating diabetes, semaglutide is FDA-approved to assist cut back the chance of coronary heart assault and different main cardiovascular occasions in sufferers with coronary heart illness and kind 2 diabetes mellitus. Nevertheless, scientific trials have proven the outstanding weight reduction potential of semaglutide. Though it isn’t technically authorised for weight reduction, many medical doctors prescribe it off-label for continual weight administration. 

Ozempic is offered as a once-weekly subcutaneous injection in a prefilled pen, which will be taken anytime, with or with out meals, so long as it’s the identical day of the week. The pens are designed as a prefilled, disposable injection with a transparent, colorless resolution, out there in three totally different coloration pen caps.

A red-label Ozempic pen delivers doses of 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg with 2 mg complete and 6 needles. Customers usually do 4 injections of 0.25 mg, then two of 0.5 mg. A blue-label Ozempic pen incorporates 4 mg divided into 4 needles containing 1 mg doses. Lastly, a yellow-label Ozempic pen has a complete of 8 mg, with 4 needles divided into 4 2 mg doses. 

Ought to Ozempic Be Refrigerated?

Sure, Ozempic and different liquid semaglutide medicines must be refrigerated.

In keeping with the official Novo Nordisk web site, Ozempic pens must be refrigerated between 36℉ to 46℉ (2℃ to eight℃) earlier than beginning. After the primary use, you possibly can preserve the pens within the fridge or at room temperature between 59℉ and 86℉ (15℃ to 30℃).

Be sure you by no means place your Ozempic pens within the freezer, and don’t use them if they’ve been frozen. (1)

ozempic refrigeration

How To Retailer Semaglutide

Following the Ozempic storage circumstances is important to keep up its effectiveness and stability. As we touched on above, Ozempic must be refrigerated between 36℉ to 46℉ (2℃ to eight℃) earlier than beginning. This additionally contains unused Ozempic pens, which must be refrigerated till their expiration date.

After utilizing your Ozempic pen for the primary time, you possibly can refrigerate it or preserve it at room temperature, so long as it doesn’t exceed temperatures larger than 86℉ (30℃), for as much as 56 days. Extreme warmth above 86℉ and direct daylight could cause harm to the compound’s stability. It’s essential by no means to freeze Ozempic and ensure by no means to make use of semaglutide if it is frozen. It is usually essential to at all times preserve the pen cap on when you’re storing Ozempic, because it protects the medicine and needles from daylight, excessive temperatures, or micro organism. 

It might be useful to write down down the date of your first injection to make sure you don’t exceed 56 days. If you’re touring, pack your Ozempic pens in your carry-on baggage as a result of the cargo space that holds checked luggage is uncovered to excessive temperatures that may harm them.

In case you’re involved you left your pen out too lengthy earlier than utilizing it, verify the temperature to see whether it is above 86℉ (30℃). You may also verify the answer contained in the pen. If the medicine seems cloudy, discolored, or incorporates particles, don’t use it.

Contact your physician, pharmacist, or healthcare supplier if in case you have any doubts or issues about Ozempic storage or prescribing info. 


These are a few of the mostly requested questions on Ozempic storage and dealing with.

What occurs if Ozempic just isn’t refrigerated earlier than first use?

It won’t be as efficient and may doubtlessly trigger hurt. If saved at room temperature for a brief interval, it might be secure to make use of, however it is best to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier. 

What’s the appropriate semaglutide storage temperature?

The Ozempic storage temperature must be between 36℉ to 46℉ (2℃ to eight℃) in a normal fridge or at room temperature between 59℉ and 86℉ (15℃ to 30℃) as soon as it is open. 

How lengthy is Ozempic good for out of the fridge?

Ozempic pens are good for as much as 56 days after being faraway from the fridge. 

Does Ozempic expire?

Unused Ozempic pens have an expiration date on them. If the Ozempic pens have been opened, they’re good for as much as 56 days. 

Can I inject Ozempic chilly?

Sure, you possibly can, however it isn’t really helpful as a result of it might trigger discomfort. You need to take away the Ozempic pen from the fridge and let it sit for roughly half-hour till it’s at room temperature. 

Can I fly with Ozempic?

If in case you have a prescription from a physician, sure, you possibly can fly with Ozempic. Make sure that to pack it in your carry-on bag as a result of checked luggage can expertise excessive temperatures in cargo. If potential, pack the Ozempic pens in some sort of insulated cooler bag. 


Ozempic has taken the world by storm for its outstanding capability to assist individuals drop some weight and remodel their our bodies. To get these outcomes, it isn’t solely very important to observe the dosing protocols, keep a nutritious diet, and train constantly, however you additionally should retailer the medicine correctly.

Ozempic pens must be refrigerated earlier than beginning at a temperature between 36℉ to 46℉ (2℃ to eight℃). When you begin, they are often saved within the fridge or at room temperature for as much as 56 days, so long as it doesn’t exceed 86℉ (30℃). You need to at all times preserve the pen cap on to assist keep away from daylight and shield the semaglutide.

Lastly, unused Ozempic pens also needs to be refrigerated till they’re opened to final till the expiration date on the label. Correct storage is important when taking Ozempic, so remember to observe the package deal insert and converse with a healthcare skilled earlier than beginning.

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semaglutide refrigeration 


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