How To Get Larger Thighs: Greatest Workouts & Eating regimen Suggestions

Having hen legs has all the time been a joke amongst gymnasium goers, however there’s been a large shift in pondering over the previous few years. Again within the day, it was by no means cool to have hen legs, however guys did not practice to eliminate them. They only wore pants.

Within the 2020s, hen legs nonetheless aren’t cool, however now guys and gals will hit the gymnasium to get thicker thighs, slightly than resign themselves to solely carrying pants. Leg day has grow to be a precedence, and a well-built decrease physique is extremely spectacular.

However, how will we really practice to get thicker thighs? This text will cowl every part you must know.

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  • What Are The Thigh Muscular tissues?
  • 14 Workouts You Want For Thicker Thighs
  • Coaching Variables To Get Larger Thighs
  • Vitamin For Larger Thighs
  • The Advantages Of Thicker Thighs
  • FAQs

how to get bigger thighs for females

What Are The Thigh Muscular tissues?

The thighs consult with the higher portion of the legs in its entirety, whose full circumference is well the biggest and the thickest a part of the leg. The 2 main muscle teams that comprise the thigh muscle mass are the hamstring and quadriceps. The thigh muscle mass connect to the thigh bone, also called the femur.

You may add the hip adductors and abductors, as they contribute to the general thickness.

Hamstring Muscular tissues

The hamstring muscle mass are a muscle group that sits on the posterior of the higher leg. Collectively, it incorporates three totally different muscle mass that cross the hips and knees. These three muscle mass are:

  • Semimembranosus: Probably the most medial muscle, the semimembranosus, originates on the pelvis like different hamstring muscle mass. A broad muscle, it runs down the posterior of the thigh and inserts onto the shin bone together with the opposite two hamstring muscle mass. The semimembranosus is a broad muscle that extends the hip joint, flexes, and medially rotates the knee towards the midline.
  • Semitendinosus: The semitendinosus is a protracted hamstring muscle just like the biceps femoris. It originates close to the biceps femoris close to the within of the posterior of the thigh close to the inside sides of the pelvis. It then crosses the knee joint and connects to the inside aspect of the higher a part of the shin bone. Additional, it additionally attaches to the fascia of the leg. The semitendinosus extends the thigh backward and permits for the medial rotation of the thigh and knee joint.
  • Biceps Femoris: The biceps femoris is the biggest and strongest of the three muscle mass. With the identify biceps, it might be no shock that it is also composed of two muscle heads, very similar to the biceps on the arm. The lengthy head and brief head of the biceps femoris are two muscle mass that work collectively to externally rotate the thigh on the hip and lengthen the leg backward. They’re the primary contributors to hip extension, however in addition they flex and laterally rotate the knee on the joint.


The quadriceps sit throughout from the hamstrings on the anterior aspect of the higher leg. Because the identify “quad” might counsel, this muscle group contains 4 totally different muscle heads. These muscle mass are:

  • Vastus Lateralis: Typically recognized merely as VO, this muscle runs down the surface of your higher thigh. It performs the crucial function of connecting your femur to your kneecap (patella), which makes it extremely necessary for knee accidents. It is the biggest of your 4 quadriceps muscle mass.
  • Vastus Medialis: This teardrop-shaped muscle runs alongside the inside a part of your thigh, additionally connecting your femur to your kneecap. Whereas the higher thigh will get loads of consideration, attempt any of those 15 Greatest Vastus Medialis Workouts to develop a whole set of wheels.
  • Vastus Intermedius: This muscle runs down your leg in between your vastus medialis and vastus lateralis. It is the deepest of the 4 muscle mass that make up your quadriceps.
  • Rectus Femoris: Partially lined by the three vastus muscle mass, the rectus femoris originates in your hip bone and runs down the posterior thigh to connect to the kneecap.

The first job of the quadriceps is to increase the leg. Additional, it additionally performs a small function within the flexion of your legs by pulling your thighs up.

Hip Abductors & Hip Adductors

Hip abduction refers back to the motion sample by which the leg strikes out from the physique laterally. Whereas a number of muscle mass are concerned, the first muscle group is the gluteus medius of the gluteal muscle mass.

The gluteus medius sits on the surface of the higher hips and is the first hip abductor muscle. Curiously, the hip abductor muscle mass’ major perform is not essentially to carry the leg outward and assist preserve steadiness. That is achieved by pulling the leg outwards. 

Working in opposition to the leg adductors, which pull the legs inward, these muscle mass creates a gentle base.

Think about the burn that builds on the surface of your glutes from standing on one leg. To maintain the torso regular and to stop the hips from sagging, the adductors and abductors should hearth concurrently to maintain a powerful base. Weak hip abductors and adductors can lead to varied overuse accidents within the hips, knees, and ankles.

14 Workouts You Want For Thicker Thighs

Let’s now go over a few of our favourite workout routines to hit the assorted thigh muscle mass.

Remember that most of the workout routines are going to hit your whole decrease physique muscle mass. Due to this fact, when we’ve got an train positioned for the quadriceps, for instance, that simply means the quads are the first muscle group.

5 Greatest Workouts For Quadriceps

We’re first going to begin with the quads. These are the muscle mass that folks will see first if you’re strolling towards them, and first impressions are essential. Use these workout routines to make your quads pop.

1) Barbell Again Squat (Excessive Bar):

how to get a bigger butt and thighs

We do not want a lot rationalization for why these are in your “must-do” record. The again squat is actually one of many foundational actions you need to be doing. For the decrease physique, the squat is king.

2) Entrance Squat:

how to get bigger thighs women

The entrance squat is a pleasant little variation so as to add muscle mass to the entrance of your thighs. Because the entrance squat has the load on the entrance of your physique, your torso is required to remain extra upright, which means much less hip flexion. This leads to much less recruitment of your posterior muscle mass, and it is as much as the quads to choose up the slack. Oh, you will get a killer core as properly.

To straight evaluate the 2, learn Entrance Squats vs Again Squats: What’s The Distinction?

3) Sled Pull (Backward):

how to get bigger thighs and butt

This can be a little bit of a “secret” train that you simply hardly ever see. I like easy and efficient, and that is what you get with sled work. It is our principle that folks suppose it is too easy, so it seemingly would not work. Do not make this error.

While you do backward sled drags, you are nearly performing a ton of mini-leg extensions. Because it’s principally a brutal leg extension machine, you’ll really feel new kinds of ache in a great way.

Try extra nice variations in our article on the sled push and pull.

4) Leg Extensions:

how to get bigger thighs and hips

Leg extensions are a fantastic isolation train so long as you employ them inside purpose. Do not go excessively heavy, and make sure to use managed movement.

5) Goblet Squat:

how to get your thighs bigger

Goblet squats work in the identical method as entrance squats besides much less technical. We usually use goblet squats for some killer high-rep quad burn!

4 Greatest Workouts For Hamstrings

Now for the posterior. These workout routines are assured to present these behind you a very good view, however if you would like much more, try the 23 All-Time Greatest Hamstring Workouts.

1) Deadlifts:

how to get bigger thighs fast

One other apparent carry, the deadlift, is finally an enormous hip extension. And by large, we imply it is the strongest carry for most individuals. Combining a hip hinge with a ton of weight, it is fairly clear you want these for hamstring improvement.

2) Barbell Squat (Low Squat):

how to get bigger thighs men

The low barbell squat is a variation of the barbell squat that may put extra concentrate on the hamstrings. To carry out these, your beginning place locations the barbell a number of inches decrease than a normal squat. In consequence, the torso should bend over extra to maintain it over your middle of gravity. This requires extra hip flexion and, thus, extra hamstring activation.

Try our Squats Information for much more nice variations.

3) Nordic Leg Curls:

how to get big thighs

The Nordic hamstring curl is an intense hamstring train that makes use of your physique weight and eccentric contraction. The eccentric contraction is essential for muscle development as research have discovered it performs a major function in muscle harm and hypertrophy.

Despite the fact that it is a body weight train, do not confuse this with being simple. These will make your hamstrings scream.

4) Mendacity Leg Curls:

exercises for bigger thighs

Mendacity leg curls hit the hamstrings in a novel method that appears to permit higher isolation of the hamstrings. While you carry out these, use applicable weight and focus extra on performing a full vary of movement, particularly the ultimate couple of inches. You should use a standard leg curl machine, or as proven within the image above, you’ll be able to recreate the motion with a dumbbell.

For extra nice workout routines, try these 10 Greatest Dumbbell Hamstring Workouts.

2 Greatest Workouts For Abductors

Now, we’ll have a look at how we will develop the surface of the hips utilizing hip abductor workout routines.

1) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift:

how to make thighs bigger

The only-leg Romanian deadlift is a superb train to construct thick thighs, particularly the surface. Since you stand on one foot, that leg should work time beyond regulation to take care of steadiness.

Should you’ve ever stood on one leg and felt the surface of that thigh-burning, for this reason. Nevertheless, with the single-leg deadlift, you are standing on one leg AND doing a hip hinge. This requires vital steadiness, so the hip abductors hearth like loopy.

2) Cable Rope Hip Abduction:

bigger thigh workout

What’s one of the best ways to coach hip abductors? Use the cable machine to carry out hip abduction! I like utilizing the cable because it permits us to get a full vary of movement throughout the physique.

3 Greatest Workouts For Adductors

Now, let’s get to the pesky inside thighs. Here is find out how to slim and strengthen your adductors.

Do not forget that these muscle mass do not add a ton of mass to assist construct thicker thighs. Nevertheless, you must counteract the energy of your different thigh muscle mass.

Muscular imbalances are probably the most frequent causes for damage, which means you should not neglect any…even when it is now “showy.” Due to this fact, if you wish to develop massive, robust abductors and glutes, you additionally want hip adductor workout routines.

1) Sumo Squat:

bigger thighs workout

The sumo squat goes to strengthen your adductors and enhance your hip mobility. Altering your foot width will assist you to really feel it kind of in your inside thighs. We love these as they’re among the best energy coaching workout routines and permit loads of stress to be positioned on the adductors.

2) Cable Hip Adductor:

how to get thick thighs

Like cable hip abduction, if you wish to practice your hip adductors, carry out hip adduction. Sufficient stated.

3) Plie Squat:

thighs bigger

Plie squats resemble sumo deadlifts, however as a substitute, you maintain a single dumbbell between your legs. Do not suppose you’ll be able to’t load these excessive sufficient simply since you use a dumbbell. I prefer to plie squat for burnout units towards the top of a coaching session for a killer adductor burn.

Try the 9 Greatest Internal Thigh Workouts for extra nice adductor actions!

How To Get A Larger Butt And Thighs: 3 Bonus Workouts

Listed below are some bonus thigh workout routines to toss in your session, particularly in case you additionally need booty coaching for the gluteus maximus.

  • Leg press (all foot placement)
  • Bulgarian cut up squats (and regular ones!)
  • Barbell hip thrust

What Is The Greatest Cardio Train To Make Your Thighs Larger?

When find out how to get your thighs greater is one in all your major coaching objectives, biking is among the greatest cardio workout routines. Every individual responds in a different way, however we have seen some trainees’ legs reply like loopy to biking, indoor or outside. Simply check out the professionals to see what I imply. 

Throwing in some biking HIIT or intense, steady-state rides may assist with the general improvement of your thigh muscle mass. Plus, you are going to get your cardio and all the opposite advantages of stationary bikes.

Give it a shot and see how you’re feeling. If you need an instance of some leg-building cardio, do this:

  • 1 Minute: 70% Effort
  • 30 Seconds: 90-95% Effort
  • Repeat 10 Occasions
  • Whole 15 Minutes
  • Ouch

For extra choices, try our article: How To Do Cardio With out Working: The two Greatest Non-Working Cardio Exercises.

3 Coaching Variables For Larger Thighs

Going to the gymnasium would not mechanically imply you will see muscle development. To get greater thighs, you must particularly practice to extend the muscle fibers and add extra muscle mass. It is comparatively simple when you perceive the strategies to extend muscle development. 

1) Coaching Frequency:

For these questioning how typically to coach, you must practice not less than twice every week to optimize muscle development. This allows you to get probably the most coaching whereas permitting sufficient restoration between periods.

That stated, it’s possible you’ll need to bump this as much as 3 instances every week for a short time. Whereas twice every week is greatest for long-term development, hitting a muscle group 3 instances every week may very well be efficient for the brief time period (4-6 weeks), assuming you’re consuming sufficient to assist this development.

This further quantity will be what is required to kick your muscle development into excessive gear.

2) Selection:

Selection is the spice of life and coaching, and it is the way you get thicker thighs. As seen above, your thighs principally have 4 sides. Not solely are there 4 muscle mass to hit, however all of them perform in a different way when your physique is in numerous positions.

This implies they’ll obtain totally different stimulation from totally different angles. Due to this fact, you must add selection to your coaching regime to hit your muscle mass at varied angles for optimum development.

To be clear, this isn’t “muscle confusion” or something like that. You need to have selection in a structured method. For instance, run a set of workout routines for 4-6 weeks after which swap out with these which might be comparable biomechanically.

Some methods so as to add selection are:

  • Totally different foot width
  • Totally different foot placement
  • Biomechanically comparable actions (sumo deadlift and plie squat)

Once more, stick with the fundamental workout routines and simply rotate via these; there is not any have to all the time use brand-new workout routines. For instance, use a sumo squat instead of a normal-stance again squat.

3) A number of Rep Ranges:

Just like above, use quite a lot of reps to hit the totally different coaching variables:

  • Energy
  • Hypertrophy
  • Endurance

All these play off each other, so enhancing one will enhance the others. Additional, in my skilled expertise, I’ve seen totally different rep ranges work higher for various individuals. This comes from private expertise, anecdotal expertise, and coaching others.

For instance, some individuals reply higher to heavy weights, and a few use gentle weights. We all know individuals whose thighs blow up simply from biking! Strive quite a lot of reps and see how your physique responds.

single leg hip thrusts

Vitamin Suggestions For Larger Thighs

Constructing thicker thighs requires two totally different variables. The primary half is apparent: It is advisable practice them utilizing the suitable workout routines and variables (see above). Nevertheless, you need to additionally bear in mind you could’t make massive thighs with out feeding them!

Constructing muscle requires power, which suggests extra energy. 

Nonetheless, you need to construct muscle, not fats. To do that, you must be maintaining a healthy diet in a slight caloric surplus of 300-500 energy. The upper the excess, the larger the prospect of gaining further fats. Relying on who you’re and your objectives, this will or is probably not a difficulty, so think about that when deciding how massive of a surplus you want.

Comply with these easy tips on your macros. And make sure to try our article on Counting Macros for a deeper dive.

1) Protein:

Protein incorporates amino acids, the constructing blocks of muscle. That is an important macro to construct your thighs thicker with muscle mass, so do not skimp. Absolutely the minimal quantity of protein needs to be 1.6g per kilogram of physique weight. 

Nevertheless, 2.0g is the overall suggestion for severe athletes and lifters. Learn extra about how a lot you want particularly in our article: How A lot Protein Per Day To Construct Muscle?

2) Fats:

Fats is fascinating within the lifting world because it would not straight impression your efficiency within the gymnasium. It performs a large number of crucial secondary roles, although, comparable to:

  • Helps hormone ranges
  • Switch and absorption of vitamins
  • Improves immune system

For these causes, the fats consumption for an athlete or lifter ought to by no means go underneath 30%. On the identical time, make sure to get ldl cholesterol for testosterone manufacturing and omega-6, as many have a lopsided ratio with omega-3.

3) Carbs:

Carbs are going to gasoline your athletic efficiency. Additional, whereas the precise mechanisms are unclear, carbs play a pivotal function in muscle hypertrophy. Because of this you must NEVER do keto or low-carb diets when attempting to construct muscle. (We’re not saying these do not have a very good use. It is simply not for constructing muscle).

Regardless, since you have already got your protein and fats wants, you merely fill the remainder of your energy with carbs. Once more, you’ll be able to alter your fats and carbs consumption some so long as your fats is >30% and your carb consumption is adequate at >30%

The Greatest Dietary supplements For Larger Thighs

On high of consuming a nutritious diet, including a number of dietary supplements to your routine may play a large function in total muscle acquire.

  • Creatine
  • Protein Powder
  • Pre-workout

To get began, check out our 15 Greatest Pre-Exercise Dietary supplements, the 14 Greatest Protein Powders, and the 8 Greatest Creatine Dietary supplements.

3 Advantages Of Thicker Thighs

Aside from being superior, a number of good issues include having thicker thighs. Here is a abstract of a few of my favorites.

1) No Extra Skinny Legs:

As talked about, having thicker thighs immediately initiatives that you simply practice laborious within the gymnasium. Whereas there are some with poor genetics, each actual trainee ought to have decently thick thighs inside purpose. Plus, it can improve your aesthetics.

To steadiness out large, muscular thighs with a well-defined torso, try our article on The Greatest Aesthetic Exercise Routine (For The Excellent Physique).

2) Stronger Physique & Higher Efficiency:

The thighs are the place all of it occurs by way of efficiency. Not solely do they management issues like working and leaping, however it’s as much as the thighs to assist create a powerful base for higher physique actions. Muscular thighs imply sooner, stronger, and extra steady efficiency.

3) Fewer Accidents:

No home is secure with an outdated, weak basis. Because the thighs are paramount to locomotion and posture, so much can go fallacious if yours are weak. When there’s a lagging muscle, it causes different muscle mass to compensate, which results in fatigue and poor kind.

In consequence, damage happens from overuse and defective biomechanics. Due to this fact, you probably have weak thigh muscle mass, principally every part from the waist down will endure.


Listed below are some additional solutions to questions you could have about rising thighs within the gymnasium.

How lengthy does it take to get greater thighs?

Whole time to get greater thighs will depend on variables like coaching frequency, load, and vitamin. Nevertheless, with constant progressive overload and caloric surplus, some individuals can begin seeing greater thighs inside 4 weeks. That stated, for a real and lasting physique change, it might take 3-6 months of coaching.

How can a thin lady get thick thighs?

For a thin lady to get thick thighs, practice your legs a minimal of twice every week, utilizing quite a lot of quad, hamstring, adductor, and abductor workout routines. Check decrease rep ranges with greater weights all the best way to excessive rep ranges with decrease weights to see how your physique responds.

What number of squats ought to I do a day?

To develop any muscle group, ensure that to coach it with not less than 10 units every week. You should use a combination of the workout routines on this article to mix these units over 3-5 periods.

How To Enhance Muscle Mass For Thicker Thighs: Abstract

I’ve gone over a few of my favourite workout routines, coaching variables, and vitamin tricks to stimulate muscle development on your leg muscle mass. As talked about, nevertheless, they’re going to solely work in case you make a directed effort to construct extra mass.

Like all muscle mass, use selection, practice typically, and practice laborious. Should you observe this, your regular-fit denims can be your new skinny match!

Begin your coaching right this moment with our Final Leg Exercise For Energy & Mass and 5 Killer At Dwelling Leg Exercises With out Weights.

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