How A lot Does A Leg Press Weigh?


Regardless when you hate it or like it, leg day is likely one of the most vital elements of a exercise routine. The legs are the trunk of our our bodies, offering the inspiration for our mobility, posture, and a balanced physique.

In addition to the compound actions of squats and deadlifts, the leg press is likely one of the greatest workouts for constructing leg muscle. Though it may be massive, a leg press machine is a fitness center staple and a very good funding for an at-home fitness center.

So, how a lot does a leg press weigh? On this article, we’ll discover out the leg press machine’s weight and the very best methods to make use of these machines. 

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how much is leg press without weight leg press weight without plates

What Is A Leg Press?

A leg press is a strength-building train carried out on the leg press machine designed to focus on the decrease physique. A compound motion, it makes use of the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves to push weight away from the physique.

That includes a big, barely reclined seat linked to a weight sled, the leg press machine units you as much as safely execute the motion. On it, the sled’s platform for the toes is held up by two sliding rails that transfer as you press the load, security latching if you’re carried out to make sure the machine would not crush your legs. The sled additionally options prolonged bars on either side, typically one within the center, to load weight plates. 

To leg press, sit along with your again towards the seat and toes shoulder-width aside, flat on the foot platform, knees bent at roughly 90 levels. To start out the motion, you push the platform and sled diagonally away from the physique till the legs are totally prolonged. Then, slowly decrease the legs in the direction of the chest, ideally previous the beginning place, and repeat the cycle for repetitions.

As talked about above, leg urgent primarily targets the quadriceps, with the hamstrings, glutes, and calves supporting the motion. This variability signifies that folks use the leg press for all elements of health, together with constructing muscle, growing power, rehabilitating harm, burning energy, or growing endurance. 

There are several types of leg press machines for various workouts, health ranges, and targets. Nonetheless, the usual leg press machine is usually referred to as the 45-degree linear leg press or plate-loaded leg press, the place you may alter foot placement to emphasise one physique half over one other.

Different widespread variations present in gyms embrace:

  • Horizontal Seated Leg Press: A seated upright leg press machine with a pin-loaded weight stack the place customers push the load horizontally.
  • Vertical Leg Press: In a tougher variation, the consumer lies flat on their again and pushes the load straight up.
  • Twin-function Leg Press Machine: This incorporates a hack squat possibility along with the usual leg press. The hack squat is principally an upside-down leg press, the place you raise your physique weight quite than sit and press away plates.
  • Compact Leg Press: A smaller model designed for dwelling gyms that can be utilized for leg presses, calf raises, and typically hack squats, multi functional machine. 

How A lot Does A Leg Press Weigh?

For this text, we’re measuring the beginning weight, which is the minimal weight resistance of the machine with none weight loaded.

Most leg press machines weigh between 90 and 180 lbs by themselves, however because of variance in manufacturers, machines, and angles, calculating how a lot weight you might be lifting could be difficult.

For instance, pushing one thing on an angle is far simpler than straight upward. The angle from an ordinary 45-degree leg press machine reduces the pressure our muscle mass require by roughly 30%. Subsequently, we’re actually lifting solely round 70% of the particular weight. 

Regardless, let’s check out the sled weight of widespread choices:

1) 45-degree Leg Press

angled leg press starting weight how heavy is leg press without weight

Customary leg press machines discovered throughout gyms worldwide normally have a median beginning weight of 125 lbs (57 kg), though some can exceed 200 lbs. Keep in mind, we solely raise round 70% of that, which means a median beginning weight of roughly 88 lbs.

Among the well-liked manufacturers and their weights are:

  • Life Health – 103 lbs (47 kg)
  • Hammer Power – 118 lbs (54 kg)
  • Cybex – 125 lbs (57 kg)
  • Matrix – 167 lbs (76 kg)

2) Horizontal Seated Leg Press

leg press sled weight how much does the sled on a leg press weigh

One other staple in most gyms, the seated leg press machine has a really mild preliminary load weight, usually round 20 lbs.

Whereas the cables hooked up present further resistance, the first weight comes from the pin-loaded weight stack hooked up. These weight stacks normally attain 250-400 lbs, so they don’t seem to be ideally suited for heavy-weight coaching. 

For instance, the Professional Choose Seated Leg Press and Calf Elevate Machine can maintain 441 lbs (200 kg) of complete weight with a 210 lb weight stack.

3) Hack Squat Machine

how much does the leg press sled weigh leg press start weight

The hack squat is a standard leg press variation as a result of it includes the identical movement with the legs, however the physique is in a special place.

Since it’s a related angle because the leg press, you raise roughly 70% of the full load. The hack squat carriage is barely lighter than normal, with an common leg press weight of roughly 80-110 lbs. Though the carriage is lighter, it’s a must to take into account you might be additionally lifting your physique weight, whereas in a seated press, you are not. 

Listed below are some widespread manufacturers and their weights:

  • Legend Health Hack Squat Machine – 75 lbs unloaded beginning weight
  • Hammer Power Plate-Loaded Linear Hack Squat – 60 lbs (27.2 kg) beginning resistance

4) Pivot Leg Press

leg press machine weight without plates how much does the leg press weigh without weights

The pivot leg press is similar to the usual leg press, besides the platform has lever arms that rotate round a pivot level quite than rails to information the sled.

Pivot leg presses create a extra pure pathway for the leg press. Sadly, the producer’s specs aren’t included, so we do not know the precise beginning sled weight, however it’s estimated to be roughly 5 to 30 lbs.

5) Compact Leg Press

how much does leg press weigh how much does leg press sled weigh

Compact machines are designed to be as small as doable, making them ideally suited for dwelling gyms.

Weight tools can weigh a number of hundred kilos and take up massive areas of house, so discovering the proper dimension tools is crucial. The typical compact leg press machine weighs round 200 lbs, with a beginning weight of round 25-35 lbs. 

Frequent manufacturers and their weights:

6) Vertical Leg Press

how much does a leg press sled weigh how much does a leg press machine weigh

The vertical leg press is exclusive as a result of it’s the solely sort wherein you push 100% of the load with none mechanical benefit.

You might be solely lifting the highest carriage plus no matter weight is loaded, so there is not a lot of a beginning weight. The typical weight bar for a vertical press is round 15-20 lbs. These machines are comparatively mild in comparison with others, with your entire unit weighing round 100 lbs on common. One of these leg press can put extreme stress on the decrease again, so be cautious to not overload it. 

Choices and weights embrace:

7) Hack Squat/Leg Press Combo

starting leg press weight leg press bar weight

Among the finest items of apparatus for an at-home fitness center is a hack squat and leg press combo machine.

The beginning weight for hack squat/leg press combo machines is just like common hack squat machines, starting from 70-100 lbs, with a median beginning weight of roughly 75 lbs. You are able to do extra weight on the leg press portion as a result of hack squats additionally contain lifting your physique weight. 

Check out the variance between these manufacturers for instance:

For a extra in-depth breakdown of the totally different leg press machines, try our article 7 Completely different Sorts Of Leg Press Machines

How To Use A Leg Press Machine

Similar to the beginning weight and focused muscle mass differ by machine, the tactic you utilize them additionally varies.

Let’s begin with the simplest to make use of: the horizontal seated leg press.

As they normally solely exceed 200-300 lbs, these leg presses are usually greatest for rookies. It is a good option to follow for the standard 45-degree leg press machine because the beginning place is identical: again towards the backrest, toes shoulder-width aside on the platform, with the one distinction being the angle of the seat. When you get snug right here, lots of the following pointers apply throughout the board to different leg press machines.

Here is the way to use it:

  1. Merely sit within the seat along with your again towards the backrest and place your toes shoulder-width aside on the foot platform.
  2. Set the specified pin-loaded weight and press the platform ahead to start your repetitions. When beginning the raise, give attention to pushing off the platform by extending the knees and hips. Along with your again firmly on the chair, totally lengthen the legs upward, exhaling within the course of.
  3. Inhale as you slowly decrease the sled again down, and repeat the method in a sluggish, managed method.

    Most trainers and consultants counsel a rep vary of 10-12 for 4 to 5 units. Take into accout we stroll on our legs all day, so they’re constructed for endurance. This is the reason larger quantity is greatest for leg hypertrophy, so it is not uncommon for folks to carry out 15-20 reps every set. If max power is your purpose, hit some heat up units after which goal for 5-8 working units of 2-5 reps.

    Some vital tricks to bear in mind when utilizing the leg press embrace: 

    • Hold your toes flat always 
    • Hold your again flat towards the backrest always
    • Do not arch your again or hips 
    • Keep away from locking out your knees on the high to forestall joint accidents
    • Begin slowly with a manageable weight, particularly for the harder variations, such because the vertical leg press
    • Take into account asking a coach or skilled for the correct kind 

    For extra data on utilizing a leg press machine, try our article 7 Leg Press Foot Placements and Muscle tissues Labored. 

    leg press weight


    These are a number of the most typical questions associated to the leg press. 

    How a lot ought to I be capable of leg press?

    The typical leg press for an grownup male weight lifter is roughly 500 lbs for a one-rep max. Freshmen ought to be capable of do round 200 lbs. 

    Why can I leg press greater than I can squat?

    The leg press machine supplies structural help to the physique so the leg muscle mass can press the load, whereas a squat requires again power, core power, and stability, amongst different accent muscle mass. 

    Why is my leg press weak?

    A typical cause for a weak leg press is weak glutes and hip abductors. Different doable causes embrace foot placement, dangerous kind, reminiscent of not holding your heels flat, rotating the toes, or collapsing the knees inward, and improper vary of movement, both taking place too far or not far sufficient. 

    Does leg press work quads?

    Sure, the quads are the first muscle group of leg press workouts. Secondary muscle mass embrace the hamstrings, glutes, and calves. 

    Do you have to go sluggish on leg press?

    Sure! Remember to maintain the load transferring with out stopping the motion, however go as sluggish and managed as doable, particularly on the downward portion of the raise. 

    What number of leg presses ought to I do?

    The legs require important quantity to construct, so most lifters agree that 4 or 5 units of 10-12 repetitions to construct power and muscle. Be at liberty to do extra reps, as much as 15-20 per set. 

    Understanding The Leg Press Sled Weight

    Whereas the squat and deadlift are sometimes thought of “superior”, the leg press is an underrated decrease physique train for these seeking to load up critical weight. However to pack on the kilos and hit a brand new PR, you first want to know how a lot the sled weighs by itself.

    The precise weight of the sled varies relying on the model and machine, so it may be troublesome to calculate. Nonetheless, the common 45-degree leg press beginning weight is round 125 lbs, whereas hack squat machines begin at roughly 75 lbs.

    Lastly, if you are going to examine you squat PR along with your greatest leg press, there are some things to consider.

    First, the angle created by a 45-degree leg press machine creates a mechanical benefit in comparison with lifting straight up. Based mostly on the angle, the true weight of a leg press is roughly 70% of the full., making precise common beginning weight for the standard press machine is round 88 lbs quite than 125 lbs.

    However arguably extra importantly, the leg press provides much more stability to your decrease physique lifts. This world stability means that you can put much more pressure into the plate and put up some enormous numbers. So, do not be shocked in case your complete leg press towers over your squat or deadlift – all three can construct tree trunks for legs.

    For extra data on the leg press and the differing types, try our articles 10 Greatest Leg Press Machines For Dwelling Gyms In 2023 and 7 Completely different Sorts Of Leg Press Machines.


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