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Hollyland Hollyvox G51 Intercom System

Hollyland has unveiled its new Hollyvox G51 Intercom System. The Hollyvox G51 is being touted as an intercom system for giant and small working groups at any manufacturing stage.

G51 2
Hollyland Hollyvox G51 Intercom System 21

The G51 options comfy headsets, belt packs, a station, and a charging hub. It’s Hollyland’s second headset to function what they seek advice from as Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) know-how.

G51 Without Headset
Hollyland Hollyvox G51 Intercom System 22

The system has a claimed working vary of 1,300ft / 400m and it operates on the 1.9GHz frequency. The hub for the Hollyvox G51 might be powered utilizing Sony NPF batteries or by way of mains energy for stationary use.

You may select from A, B, and C groupings and customise teams inside Hollyland’s headsets and present intercom techniques. Utilizing the 2-wire and 4-wire plug-in, a number of techniques might be linked. Every belt pack has A, B, and C buttons to change between channels whereas in use. There may be additionally a button on the highest of the belt-pack to speak and mute your self.

The Hollyvox G51 system can even now be used at the side of the Hollyvox App.

Value & Availability

For pricing please contact Hollyland instantly.