Heated vs Unheated Sapphires: What You Want To Know


is it unhealthy if a sapphire is heated?

Undoubtedly not. It is a standardized course of that doesn’t have an effect on the standard, longevity, or sturdiness of the stone. It’s extraordinarily widespread and nothing to be involved about.

How widespread are heated sapphires aka warmth handled sapphires?

Heated sapphires are the industry-wide norm. When buying, you possibly can assume each sapphire has been heated except it’s particularly labelled as ‘unheated’. If a jeweler is definite a stone is unheated or heated, they need to put that data on the product itemizing. If they are not sure it has been heated or unheated, they’ll put nothing.

do sapphires change colour when heated?

A sapphire’s colour will intensify when its heated – it may darken, lighten, or deepen its unique tone.

Is heated or unheated sapphire higher?

Each heated sapphires and unheated sapphires have their advantages! For those who select an heated sapphire, you may get a extra vibrant, saturated stone in your funds. Additionally, most heated sapphires are eye-clean, with no inclusions seen to the bare eye. Unheated sapphires may have no matter inclusions have been naturally created inside them.

The draw back of a warmth handled sapphire: They’ll possible not recognize in worth in the identical means as an unheated sapphire.

Are heated sapphires and unheated sapphires the identical value?

As a result of an unheated sapphire is extra uncommon, it would command a slight premuim in value over a heated sapphire of the identical colour and high quality.

Are heated sapphires value something?

Completely! Most sapphires available on the market are heated and it would not negatively affect the worth. The small variety of unheated sapphires obtainable are value much more due to their rarity.

are heated sapphires pure?

Sure, a heated sapphire simply means a pure sapphire was uncovered to warmth to enhance its colour and readability. Artificial sapphires usually are not usually heated. Artificial sapphires will be labelled as:

  • lab created sapphire or lab grown sapphire
  • Artificial sapphire
  • Imitiation or simulant sapphire

Is heated blue sapphire good?

Sure, in truth nearly all sapphires (blue and each different colour) are heated to enhance colour and readability. Having stated that, high-quality unheated sapphires are extra invaluable as a result of they’re so uncommon.


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