Flawless Moissanite makes its mark on UK jewelry market

Flawless Moissanite launched into the UK on-line jewelry market in 2021 and has skilled an unbelievable fee of development. And demand for the moissanite doesn’t present any indicators of slowing, with the worldwide moissanite market anticipated to develop at a CAGR (compound annual development fee) of 6.2% from 2021 to 2031.

There are a number of components driving the expansion of the moissanite market, considered one of which being the rising demand for reasonably priced gem stones. Whereas many love the glint of an enormous diamond, it’s financially out of attain for many and moissanite is a way more reasonably priced various to diamonds. This makes it a preferred alternative for many who are on the lookout for stunning and sparkly gem stones, with out breaking the financial institution.

And, as increasingly more customers have gotten conscious of this distinctive gemstone and its many advantages, that is resulting in elevated demand for every type of moissanite jewelry. Do you know, a moissanite may be as much as 70% cheaper than a diamond of the identical measurement, color and readability? That’s an unbeatable saving by any requirements. However there are a lot of different benefits to those fabulous gem stones over the normal mined gems, apart from the plain aggressive pricing.

Rising demand

Moissanites are extra extensively accessible now than ever earlier than, which is rising consciousness amongst buyers and making it simpler for customers to seek out jewelry that meets their wants and their price range. Engagement rings are proving significantly widespread at a time when the price of dwelling has been rising steadily in recent times, which has made it harder for {couples} to afford engagement rings.

And the expansion of moissanite demand is a really worldwide phenomenon. In response to a 2022 report by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), roughly 11% of {couples} who bought engagement rings in america in 2021 selected moissanite, which is up from 8% in 2020. The report additionally discovered that the common worth of a moissanite engagement ring was $2,800, which is about half the worth of a diamond engagement ring. Once you realise that roughly 2.07 million engagement rings are bought within the US every year, 11% of that’s a number of rings!

What do the specialists say?

“The rise of the moissanite engagement ring in fashionable society has been fairly phenomenal.” says Sarah Fielding, advertising director at Flawless Moissanite. “As extra individuals fall in love with this wonderful stone, teamed with extra {couples} questioning the place their jewelry comes from, we’re seeing a particular enhance in curiosity. Movies like Blood Diamond have drawn consideration to controversies that may accompany diamond mining, so many are opting to go lab-grown to ensure their gems are 100% battle free and ethically sourced.”

Moissanites additionally possess distinctive brilliance and rank even greater than diamonds on the refractive scale. This implies they bend gentle greater than diamonds, which provides them a extra sensible sparkle.
She continues: “{Couples} don’t need to compromise in relation to a purchase order as vital as an engagement ring and with moissanites rating even greater than diamonds on the refractive index, they don’t must!” Their unbeatable brilliance is one other key factor that makes them so widespread as a diamond various.

“Whereas they’re extremely reflective and refractive, the glint given off by a moissanite has extra fireplace and a slight rainbow hue, versus a diamond’s white sparkle, which lots of our clients want.”

The refractive scale measures how a lot gentle is bent when it passes via a gemstone. A better refractive index signifies that extra gentle is bent, which leads to a brighter sparkle.

Gemstone Refractive Index
Moissanite 2.65 – 2.69
Diamond 2.42
Sapphire 1.76 – 1.77
Emerald 1.56 – 1.60
Ruby 1.76 – 1.77

Moissanite has a a lot greater refractive index than all the opposite gems, so if radiance is what you’re after, that is the stone for you!

Made to final

Moissanites are actually extensively utilized in engagement rings and marriage ceremony rings and one motive changing into a agency favorite is as a result of it’s so sturdy. It’s the second hardest mineral identified to man, which implies it is going to by no means get scratched or go cloudy. In actual fact, it’s so strong, it’s additionally utilized in industrial purposes, slicing instruments and abrasives – a testomony to its hardness and sturdiness.

Rating at 9.25 on Mohs hardness scale exhibits they’re solely barely decrease than a diamond. This implies the one factor that may scratch a moissanite is a diamond and so they’re arduous sufficient to be worn each day for the remainder of your life.

Whereas there are extra corporations promoting moissanite jewelry now, top quality craftsmanship is vital. Harding explains: “Anybody can promote low cost, low high quality jewelry, however by specializing in holding the standard as excessive as attainable and remaining at a extra reasonably priced worth level, we now have discovered the right stability and our area of interest market.” She believes buyer satisfaction is the important thing to their success and the large quantity of constructive critiques and proposals offers new clients the arrogance to purchase.

“Whereas a few of our clients already love moissanites, others discover us as a result of they’re on the lookout for a high quality diamond various. And whereas there are refined variations between diamonds and moissanites, to the untrained eye, you actually can’t inform the distinction. With the added moral and sustainability advantages, it’s a no brainer for a lot of.”

As we method the busiest time of the 12 months for engagement ring suppliers, we don’t see curiosity slowing down. Harding provides: “The rising reputation of different gem stones resembling moissanites and lab-grown diamonds have gotten more and more widespread. And if in case you have your coronary heart set on a particular stone form our stones are minimize in all the identical shapes. Who doesn’t desire a sparkly engagement ring that’s extra reasonably priced?”

Moissanite – a present from the celebs!

Moissanite was found in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan. He was learning the crater of a meteor that had crashed within the Arizona Desert, when he discovered small, colourless crystals, which he first thought had been diamonds. When he realised they weren’t and that he couldn’t establish them, he named the crystals moissanite after himself and moissanites had been found!

Moissanite is a silicon carbide, which is a really arduous and sturdy materials. It’s additionally colourless, which makes it a beautiful gemstone and can be utilized as a substitute for diamonds. Pure moissanites from meteorites are so uncommon, most present in jewelry are grown in a lab, which makes them extra reasonably priced.

Lab-grown moissanite is created in a laboratory and is chemically an identical to pure moissanite. This makes it the right alternative for many who are on the lookout for a stupendous and sparkly gemstone that can also be reasonably priced.

Moissanite is without doubt one of the hottest gems utilized in engagement rings, marriage ceremony rings and different jewelry. It’s a stable alternative for these on the lookout for a sturdy, sparkly and reasonably priced gemstone.

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