Contax G2 – The Best Digital camera Ever to See my Minds Eye




1. ​a poem that speaks to an individual or factor or celebrates a particular occasion
Keats’s ‘Ode to a Nightingale’

This isn’t an ode, poem nor a lyrical piece of prose, however it’s all I may do to present the Contax G2 I used to have one thing extra according to an eulogy because it performed an important half in my life and has since departed, leaving it’s legacy in dusty bins and damaging sleeves.

The Contax G2

Again in 2005 I had simply began getting again into capturing Movie and had purchased a Minolta Dynax 5 to accompany my Konica Minolta 7D DSLR. What I then needed was a Leica – virtually everybody begins off wanting a Leica, very very similar to when one begins of being excited by Wrist watches wanting a Rolex. I by no means did get one although – I used to be on Amazon’s web site and once I typed “Rangefinder digital camera” an advert for an open field Contax G2 with 45mm Carl Zeiss Planar lens got here up for an costly £550. I had by no means heard of Contax and had no thought what a G2 was however after a brief learn on the Internet I took a punt and obtained it in a few days. A wealth of articles and evaluations have been written, video’d and spoken in regards to the Contax G2 -which is certainly one of it’s variety. Completely distinctive.

The very first thing I did with my new buddy was to place a roll of Ilford Delta 100 in it, I had been perusing over Ilford’s web site and determined to check out some Black and White. I do not forget that day effectively, after going to my girlfriend’s home we went to Heathrow Airport to choose somebody up, then over to Crane Park in Hounslow the place there’s an previous gunpowder mill with the tower nonetheless there, trying over the land, a relic nonetheless standing and dreaming of sad, far-off issues, and battles way back.

I had fitted Pink 25 filter for some purpose and strolling via the tree lined pathway, she turned to speak to me, then glanced in direction of her proper at one thing, I lifted the digital camera and shot and the second was captured endlessly. I had the Movie developed at my native lab and once I noticed the outcomes I used to be stunned with pleasure. The images have been lovely and from that second on was the primary day of the following 13 years of my life. Even now 18 years from that day, I really feel a way of loss. Promoting the digital camera and parting with it wasn’t simply the commerce of a fabric factor

45mm Planar Ilford Delta 100 Pink 25 Filter Crane Park Middlesex 2005

The lens captured every thing; from walks within the park, weekends away, summer time holidays, birthdays, weddings and events. Ah! These halcyon days! The pictures are frozen in time, the essence of the second, as if become stone by the White Witch Jadis herself – with Aslan respiratory life into them every time I look – releasing the spirits inside. These golden summer time afternoons, laughing kids then, now grown males and distant – fathers and uncles themselves.

These skies, these meadows evergreen
Are scenes that nobody has ever seen
Bounty in pleasure, calming in strife
They’re the essence of our life

Kodak Ektachrome E100vs Turville, Chiltern Hills Buckinghamshire 2006

Pitstone Buckinghamshire Kodak Ektachrome E100vs  21mm Biogon 2008

45mm Planar. Ilford HP5+ 3200 London 2006

That digital camera was a part of my life! I photographed my love, my laughter, my marvel and my pleasure. My reminiscences are to be discovered extra actually within the slides and negatives which my G2 captured, then the very reminiscences and confused sensations which lie in my coronary heart and in my head.

In 2007 I took the Contax G2 tabroad for the primary time, it was an costly digital camera and therefore I used to be a bit reluctant at first, then thought in for a penny in for a pound and packed it. I didn’t take sufficient Movie and bear in mind spending a day driving round Islamabad in search of anyplace to purchase some E6 – I finally did at Fujifilm Pakistan’s HQ! A couple of rolls of Sensia! Anyway, it was off to the Punjab after which to the Swat Valley – I drove via Indus Kohistan, by the Indus into the North West Frontier Province and into The Hindu Kush, simply earlier than the Taliban offensive on Pakistani Authorities forces in Swat. The day after I left my resort was blown up! I may see and odor the strain within the air and sense it behind the masks of indifference folks wore, however the souls of some have been to be seen of their eyes.

45mm Planar – Kodak Ektachrome E100vs Swat Valley Indus Kohistan 2007

Shepherds Swat Valley NWFP Hindu Kush 21mm Biogon – Ektachrome E100vs 2007

The Snack Vendor Malam Jabba, Swat Valley Kodak Ektachrome E100vs 2007

Pashtuns 45mm Planar Ilford HP5+ Swat Valley Kalaam Hindu Kush 2007

I travelled loads round these components and the Contax G2 accompanied me; to The Karakoram and Western Himalaya, the warmth of the Punjab plains, Turkey and Egypt amongst different not so unique locations (and throughout Southern Britain, round England and Wales). I’m a creature of behavior and likewise one who explores the identical areas till I’ve seen every thing – then I revisit and re-enjoy and marvel within the magic of a well-known but unique place as soon as extra.

Is the Contax G2 a Journey digital camera?
What’s a “journey digital camera”? in my view it’s any digital camera one takes away with them, which fits their type whether or not when it comes to the way it performs, it’s dimension or suitability. I need to admit, essentially the most good ‘Journey’ digital camera I ever used was an Olympus XZ-1 Digital Compact, however the one I liked was the G2. The G2 isn’t for everybody – certain, it’s really easy to make use of (IF you perceive F Stops because it has no Computerized or Program mode) but it surely’s troublesome to grasp. I want to make use of a digital camera for a protracted whereas earlier than I study and understands it’s limits and what it might do. Even with over a decade utilizing it, it all the time sprung some surprises; whether or not in an virtually unimaginable picture made in low mild with gradual movie, or the best way it by some means nailed a troublesome publicity. it additionally gave some nasty surprises, particularly with the 90mm Sonnar which is a large disappointment; a lens which manages to focus say 50% of the time and a lens I finally gave up on as a result of it let me down so many instances. The supreme 45mm and 21mm greater than made up for the dearth of a good portrait lens. The 45mm subject of view in my view is ideal – it gave me every thing – in actual fact I may shoot something and every thing I like with the 45mm and by no means miss the rest, however I additionally had the 21mm which once more – I may mount and use solely, it’s that good! It’s so good it provides you shallow depth of subject when shot huge open! I did have the 28 for a short time however as soon as I had the 21 the 28 was not wanted.

Frontier Policeman NWFP Hindu Kush 21mm Biogon Ektachrome E100vs 2011

Sundown Experience
Fujichrome Velvia 50 at Nightfall. Punjab 21mm Biogon 2009

The MysticShrine of Pir-e-Shah Ghazi Kashmir 45mm Planar Fuji Velvia 50 2009

Mawddach Estuary Barmouth Wales 21mm Biogon – Agfa Extremely 100 2012

Mawddach Estuary Barmouth Wales. 45mm Planar – Agfa Extremely 100 2012

It carried out flawlessly, sure the meter does underexpose and I discovered how one can get publicity compensation set to over expose by 1/2 a cease to get it proper. Mine was dropped, bumped, practically fell off a cliff edge with me, was dealt with by cowherds and children and lined in mud and snow – however by no means let me down with no upkeep ever!

So for Journey, I’m undecided – it labored completely for me, however others might discover it limiting and would like a zoom lens, one thing Digital maybe. The Viewfinder isn’t the largest, but it surely’s brilliant and huge sufficient with that good adjustment for the totally different focal lengths. The buttons and dials are all positioned, for me, within the good place, simple to seek out with out trying on the digital camera. The publicity lock is nice – the identical type of lever as on a Contax RTS II however positioned the place it ought to be, not someplace you’ll be groping for (as I do with the RTS II). I saved my 21mm hot-shoe finder hooked up more often than not – as I didn’t need to lose it, it was all the time prepared for once I modified lenses and it seemed actually cool!

Wherever I went it attracted consideration, passers by would take a look at it curiously, different photographers would ask me about it and I by no means ever met anybody who knew what digital camera it was! The very best instances have been when folks I photographed requested to have a look at the rear LCD and have been perplexed when all they noticed was a clean sheet of metallic! Unusual how in such a small time period folks have kind of forgotten about Movie and it’s as if there had all the time been digital cameras with a rear LCD display screen!
It’s a fast digital camera, lightening quick, locks immediately into focus and fires off like an AK47, even in close to whole darkness! The expertise Kyocera put into it’s superb and now I’m hoping Kyocera will see which means the wind is blowing, the recognition of Movie and re-release it (with a spotlight repair for the 90mm).

I may go on singing it’s praises, however I did promote it, with remorse and numerous misgiving, however not out of selection – generally life bowls googlies at you and you must play the sport to remain in and cash; the supply of all distress is often the deciding issue.

Galata Tower Istanbul 90mm Sonnar – Kodak TMZ 3200 2008

In The Hagia Sofia Istanbul 21mm Biogon Fuji Neopan 1600 2007

Snowdonia Wales 21mm Biogon Kodak Kodachrome K25 2010

Snowdonia Wales 45mm Planar – Kodak Kodachrome K25 2010

The South Financial institution 21mm Biogon Pink 25 Filter Fuji Acros 100 2013

Elvis with shades on. Folks watching a avenue performer. South financial institution, London. 90mm Sonnar T* Fuji Acros 100 2013

Virginia Waters. 21mm Biogon Pink 25 Kodak HIE

Kodak Ektachrome E100vs

Kodak Ektachrome E100vs was my go to movie. Positive, I used many color shares (and plenty of B&W) – from Agfa Extremely 100 to Kodak Kodachrome, from Kodak TMZ 3200 to Kodak HIE, however I by no means received the look I needed from some other Movie. I miss this inventory (I’ve two valuable 35mm rolls within the freezer and a roll of 120), certain it was grainy and lacked the subtlety and effective look of Fujichrome Velvia (my second favorite), but it surely gave me the ‘look’ and the color I needed particularly for folks (Velvia colors I believe are usually too excessive for folks pores and skin tones) and suited my eye. My most memorable images have been shot with this Movie. Sadly most of my Slides are at my mom’s and I haven’t had the chance nor the time to assemble them and scan many which might be lacking from the recordsdata on my Laborious Drives, however God keen sooner or later I’ll accomplish that. Slide movie could be very particular, in contrast to Adverse Movie the place the printer or the put up course of determines how the picture will look reversed, or Digital the place the processor determines what the picture captured on the sensor will seem like, Slide Movie is because it was shot in digital camera – (after creating after all) in my view it’s the truest manifestation of what your digital camera noticed that you would be able to get and Projected on a white display screen in a darkish room is a really good expertise and no quantity of taking a look at laptop screens or prints can ever hope to match it.

Kalash Boy and Goat 45mm Planar Ektachrome E100vs Rumbur Valley Hindu Kush 2009

Villager on Honda CD70 Punjab 2007 Kodak Ektachrome E100vs 45mm Planar

Summer season Swim Higher Jhelum Canal, Jaggu Head. Punjab 90mm Sonnar Kodak Ektachrome E100vs 2007

Kalaash Little one Rumbur Valley Ektachrome E100vs 45mm Planar 2011

Rakaposhi 7,788 m – 25,551 ft Nagar Valley Karakoram 2009 Ektachrome E100vs 90mm Sonnar
Bedford Rocket Truck – Punjab Kodak Ektachrome E100vs 21mm Biogon 2007

Boy from Nagar Karakoram Ektachrome E100vs 45mm Planar 2009

Now I’ve my trusty Contax RTS II and my Minolta SLR/DSLRs and The Contax G2 is lengthy gone. I miss it, however would I get one once more? No. I believe I’ll go away it and received’t return to it – generally valuable reminiscences are greatest left alone and a few issues symbolize them – I believe it’s becoming that my negatives and slides shot with the G2 ought to keep distinctive and particular on this means, with the information that as I sit and stare within the darkness, silent aside from the whirr and click on of the projector, via the mist of the pipe smoke; I see the phantom mild of my previous come to life. So Adieu Contax G2, Thanks for every thing, you have been the best digital camera ever to see my minds eye and I’ll by no means see your like once more.

Dad London HP5+ @ 3200 45mm Planar 2006

Uncle Punjab 45mm Planar Kodak Ektachrome E100vs 2007

Village Man Punjab Adox Silvermax 21 45mm Planar 2015

Chilas man and Cock – Nanga Parbat Himalaya Agfa Extremely 100 45mm Planar 2014

Closing ideas

The digital camera grew to become a central a part of my life and thru its eye I noticed and captured reminiscences and spirits – 1000’s of images; whether or not my late uncle and my late Father’ who I liked and miss dearly, to my misplaced loves and  reminiscences of happiness and laughter. Walks in London, my residence city, which I’ve now left behind, events, household snapshots, days out and portraits and even weddings (the weddings have been the worst photographic experiences of my life).

Life is stuffed with reminiscences, and my G2 captured all of them, it gave them a bodily being; one thing I can take a look at, contact, look and feel at time and time once more.

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