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What’s the Birthstone For March?

Firstly, aquamarine represents the birthstone for the month of March. Secondly, Aqua birthstones are the blue number of the gemstone Beryl. And thirdly, translated, Aquamarine means “Sea-water,” a gem related to the ocean. 

Nonetheless, some confusion arises between trendy birthstones and the standard birthstone system. As well as, variations happen between areas reminiscent of the USA and the UK. Most significantly, we work with conventional birthstones based mostly on gem stones related to Zodiac indicators. Sources together with the American Gem Society publish regional data value referring to.

Contact us together with your delivery month for professional steering on essentially the most appropriate birthstone.

Opposite to some sources, Aquamarine isn’t one of many December birthstones. 

Many individuals affiliate the blue of Aquamarine with water. In addition to its connection because the March birthstone. Moreover, aquamarine makes a big gemstone related to a nineteenth marriage ceremony Anniversary. 

Twist engagement ring set with Aquamarine

Twist engagement ring set with an Aquamarine.

Collectors prized this Aquamarine crystal since historic instances. As well as, it makes an inexpensive and engaging alternative for any merchandise of Aquamarine jewellery.

The identify Aquamarine derives from the Latin phrases, aqua which means ‘water’ and marina- which means ‘of the ocean’. 

Aqua gem stones have associations with the center ages, Greeks and Romans. Thought of to be sacred to Neptune, the Roman God of the ocean.

Origins of Aquamarine

Beneficial examples originate from Brazil. Different places embrace Australia, Kenya and Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia.

Is Aquamarine fortunate?

Sailors believed Aquamarine gem stones had a relaxing impact on the ocean. When confronted with the risks of the ocean, many sailors welcomed any good-luck image accessible. This stunning gemstone carries with it luck and success for a lot of sea travellers because of this. 

Well being and Therapeutic Gems

Aquamarine symbolises youth and the spirit of hope. Many individuals affiliate this stunning gem with therapeutic properties, faithfulness and lasting love. 

Furthermore, many individuals carried this crystalline gemstone to treatment illnesses and promote good well being. For instance, therapeutic situations of the liver jaws, throat, abdomen, and toothaches.

Romantic properties of Aquamarine

This unimaginable gemstone introduced happiness to a wedding. Aquamarine’s connection between love and Romance makes this gemstone a perfect alternative for jewelry.

Readability of thought

Aquamarine evokes purity related with crystal-clear waters and the sensation of leisure related to the ocean. It’s stated to calm, soothe and cleanse— to encourage fact, belief and promote readability of thought.

Loose Emerald cut Aquamarine stones

Free Emerald-cut Aquamarines photographed for consumer. 

Blues, hues and forms of Aquamarine

Aquamarines range in color. Many blue colors exist relying on the hue and tone of the gemstone. 

Variations vary from gentle blue to darkish blue and even darkish inexperienced shade with overtones of blue. Most gem stones exhibit a blue to blue-green color. 

“The very best gems mix excessive readability with limpid transparency and blue to barely greenish blue hues.” (GIA).

In conclusion, essentially the most precious Aqua possesses a medium tone, vivid and blue in hue.

9-carat Aquamarine able to be set right into a bespoke solitaire diamond ring setting. 

Santa Maria Aquamarine

Santa Maria Aquamarines characteristic the very best depth of color. Wealthy in blue shade, originating from Brazil. A real Santa Maria Aqua has a color nearing the depth of Blue Topaz. 

Many patrons worth this uncommon gemstone in naturally occurring deep blue colors. 

Additionally, Santa Maria varieties usually fetch increased costs owing to their rarity and prized color.

Pale blue Aquamarine stones

Paler blue varieties are usually extra inexpensive than equal stones of a deeper color. For instance gentle blue shades come from Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique. Owing to giant crystal formations, typical for Beryl crystals, it’s attainable to supply Aquamarines in giant gemstone sizes.

aquamarine and diamond engagement ring

Aqua and diamond engagement ring featured in our ready-to-wear assortment.

Aquamarine gems – an ideal gemstone for all particular events

For anybody born in March, there’s a improbable alternative to create a singular and inexpensive merchandise of jewelry. The birthstone for March is available in most sizes, gemstone cuts and in quite a lot of hues. Usually, we create particular person items of jewelry as a part of our customised jewelry design service

Colourless Aqua

Along with many color variations in pure aquamarines. Aquas exist with out an absence of color. Shiny white gem stones exist and make cheaper alternate options to a diamond. 

Because of this, some favour aquamarines which have acquired warmth remedy to attain a selected shade. Though our Aquas are equipped as pure gem stones, handled gem stones will be accessible on request. 

Bespoke ring featuring a solitaire Emerald cut Aquamarine

9-carat Aquamarine set into an 18ct White Gold setting. Bespoke design from our bespoke assortment of jewelry. 

Aquamarine completely fits particular events celebrated in March. Birthdays, anniversaries and Mom’s Day to call just some. Many patrons favour Aquamarine owing to price.

In comparison with diamonds, this gemstone is much extra inexpensive in giant sizes. Moreover, it’s attainable to supply diamond-cut forms of this gemstone.
For many patrons, essentially the most inexpensive choice gives a pale blue gemstone minimize in an assortment of shapes.

Platinum Aquamarine Ring

Bespoke Aquamarine Platinum ring

As an illustration, the sizeable Emerald-cut gemstone ring above went right into a bespoke solitaire ring fee. Our consumer acquired a large alternative of various sizes. We offered a number of choices to view throughout a showroom appointment in Ryde.
Different purchasers dwelling additional afield profit from our photographic service. We commonly ship color balanced pictures of gem stones along with brief video clips.
Working remotely, we information, inform and organize new jewelry by telephone and e mail utilizing images as a perfect software.

Bespoke Design 

A consumer approached us and particularly requested a bespoke engagement ring set with a central Aqua in a selected shade. From conversions with our consumer, we sourced three stones in numerous hues of blue and qualities. 

Our consumer benefitted from images and a video of the gemstone. And above all, assured within the number of an 8mm sky-blue stone weighing 1.54 carats. 

Bespoke twisting shoulders design

Is Aquamarine a sturdy gemstone for jewelry?

Aquamarines possess a ‘good’ toughness for jewelry normally. As well as, this common gemstone fits rings, earrings and pendants. 

Like many gem stones, this gemstone can chip. However, take into account the toughest gem diamond. Even diamond chips and breaks with ample drive. 

Marriage ceremony Day makes use of for a blue gemstone.

One in all our distinctive pendants completely suits one of the crucial common marriage ceremony day traditions. The idea of discovering one thing blue makes it an ideal alternative added to a necklace for the large day. (Learn extra about the One thing-Blue pendant).

The something blue pendant shown in its box ready to be sent.

The ‘One thing Blue’ aquamarine and diamond pendant engraved on the reverse of the necklace. 

Diamonds – the proper companion gemstone for Aquamarine rings.

Diamonds make a fantastic option to set with an Aquamarine. We select the whitest attainable color grade for every stone to distinction with the cool blue of the gem stone. For instance, D to F color diamonds present an ideal whiteness grade.

Aquamarine halo engagement ring

Prepared-made Aquamarine and diamond halo engagement ring in Platinum.

Equally, we set Aquamarines with diamonds in White Gold or Platinum. Aquamarine and diamond engagement rings usually characteristic spherical or fancy formed stones, held between diamond shoulders. On the similar time, it makes a wonderful alternative for a halo diamond engagement ring. This gemstone seems to be similar to the color of a high-quality ice-blue diamond.

Three-stone Aquamarine and diamond engagement rings

Three-stone Aquamarine and diamond rings make a well-liked alternative for engagement. For instance, two brilliant, white diamonds add distinction on both facet of cool blue shade. As well as, the bigger centre stone gives a inexpensive different to a diamond.

Square Aquamarine and Princess cut 3 stone diamond ring

3-stone Aquamarine and diamond ring crafted by bespoke design.

Different birthstones for March

Bloodstone could be very totally different in relation to look. Nonetheless, it shares the same repute for shielding well-being.

The aquamarine birthstone evokes the colors of the ocean. Colours range from deep green-blue to gentle, barely greenish and blue hues. In truth, faceted aquamarines are sometimes clear, with out inclusions and as clear as water. Symbolising the purity of spirit and soul.

In conclusion, the bloodstone birthstone is often a dark-green cabochon that incorporates pink spots of iron oxide. The “blood” that brings well being and energy to the wearer. Learn on to be taught extra about these two March birthstones – what they imply and the place they are often discovered.

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