Wildfires in Cumbria – Seat At The Table

Filmed for Silverback Studios as part of a YouTube Series with Jack Harries. This series features Wildfires in Cumbria.

The visit to Cumbria is to understand the effects of devastating wildfires now sweeping the globe.

Jack Harries description.

“Episode 5: I’m in Cumbria to look at the devastating impact of wildfires and training with a specialist wildfire team which is so much harder than you’d think. Plus, I’m talking to firefighters in Cape Town, South Africa who’ve had to deal with unprecedented blazes that are threatening the future of once-vibrant communities”.

Filming took place over two days in September.

The low-carbon journey will see Harries travel by bike, boat, and train from the Southern tip of the UK before ending in November in Glasgow at the most important global climate change meeting in history – COP26.

The trip will culminate with his mission to present a film featuring under-represented young people around the world, sharing their hopes and realities from the front lines of climate change to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other world leaders.

It was a pleasure to provide the aerial filming for this part of the series.



By Skylark Aerial Photography – Lake District Drone Service



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