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Weeylite Ninja 20 – Affordable 200W 5600K COB LED Light Introduced

Weeylite Ninja 20 - Affordable 200W 5600K COB LED Light Introduced

Weeylite Ninja 20 is a new 200W COB LED flicker-free light with a high TLCI and CRI daylight (5600K) output, Bowens mount, silent mode, 6 built-in effects, and wireless control. The Ninja 20 can only be powered with an AC adapter and it is now available for $ 300 with an included reflector.

In the lighting market segment, COB (chip-on-board) LED lights have lately gotten very popular as they offer a high output in a relatively compact body, and thanks to a variety of available modifiers, the light can be shaped in different ways . On top of traditional players in this segment, such as Aputure, Godox, or Nanlite, other companies have also introduced their models – Smallrig RC120D and RC120B lights are examples from recent weeks. Weeylite, a Chinese company, also recently launched a new COB LED light called Ninja 20, so let’s take a short look at the details.

Weeylite Ninja 20 – 200W COB LED light

First of all, the Ninja 20 is not Weeylite’s first COB LED light. Aside from a few RGB light panels and tubes, the company already has a few other Ninja models with slightly lower output or Bi-color functionality in the portfolio.

Weeylite Ninja 20 3
Ninja 20 COB LED light. Source: Weeylite

The new Weeylite Ninja 20 is a daylight-only 5600K fixture with a 200W output. The body of the light features all-metal construction with a dual-channel constant current LED driver and a steel pipe radiator for cooling. There is a built-in fan, but the light also features a button for silent mode. According to Weeylite, the Ninja 20 features a high TLCI value of 97+ and a CRI of 95+. The light should also be flicker-free.

Weeylite Ninja 20 2
Ninja 20 COB LED light. Source: Weeylite

The good news is that the light sports an industry-standard Bowens mount, so it can be used with a variety of existing modifiers such as fresnels, softboxes, reflectors, etc. With the included reflector, the Ninja 20 can output up to 79,000 lux at 1m (according to Weeylite measurements). Without the reflector, Weeylite claims 7,800 lux at 1m. The output is 0-100% dimmable. The Ninja 20 has a control interface at the back with an LCD screen, two adjustment knobs, and four buttons. Additionally, the light has a DMX console control connector.

Weeylite Ninja 20 4
Ninja 20 COB LED light. Source: Weeylite

The Weeylite Ninja 20 has a built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi wireless connectivity so it can be controlled by remote control as well as a mobile app. The Weeylite app is available for both Android and iOS phones. The reviews on both stores are a mixed bag, so I am not sure how useful the app really is. Weeylite claims you can also control multiple lights in groups with the app.

Weeylite Ninja 20 1
Ninja 20 COB LED light. Source: Weeylite

There are 6 built-in effects – thunder, burst, flash lamp, faulty bulb, weld, and SOS. The effects can also be adjusted wirelessly using a remote control or the app.

The light does not have any ballast and it cannot be powered with a battery. It comes only with an AC power adapter (100-240V -> 36V, 6.38A) that connects to the light via a three-pin Cannon port. That is a pity as the battery powering option can be very useful at certain locations.

Weeylite Ninja 20 5
Ninja 20 COB LED light. Source: Weeylite

Price and availability

According to Weeylite, the Ninja 20 is available now for $ 300.

Do you use COB LED lights with modifiers for your work? Which brand of lights works best for you? What do you think about the new Weeylite Ninja 20? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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