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We were very recently commissioned to film a wedding proposal at 2400ft in the Lakeland Fells.

A young couple from the south of England often visit the Lakes to Fell Walk.

They have a particular walk to the Priest Hole Cave situated high up in Hart and Dove Crag.

Wedding Proposal at 2400ft

The location is about a 1.5 hr walk from Brothers Water with a very steep hike and scrabble up the last section.

On reaching the cave the views are well worth the climb. The views are simply superb.

The cave for many years has been an overnight stop over for hikers, a refuge during bad weather or just simply a day hike visit.

Wedding Proposal at 2400ft

The brief was to catch the surprise of the girlfriend as the ring was presented on a ledge from the cave which they have been too many times.

It was felt a location check would be required.

Although it would need a good half day of time to hike there and back and the essential check, to get it right and safe it was a requirement.

The hike up to the location took in the order of 90 minutes on a hot June day. Not complaining as the scenery was just stunning.

On reaching the location it was found that flying the drone up a shear rock face to film the two on the ledge was not possible. Too many down draughts, cross winds and not being able to judge distance safely.

Far better to film where they were and position a GoPro Hero 9 to capture film and sound.

On the day, a yarn was spun. I was filming for NT and that they can be part of the filming.

All Went Well

The shoot went to plan with both drone and GoPro capturing the key moments.

If the location check had not been carried out it would have not been as productive and results not achieved.

Wedding Proposal at 2400ft






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