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We Took the Nikon Z 6 to San Diego Comic Con 2019 ‣ Frame by Frame: A Samy’s Camera Blog

San Diego Comic-Con is the most anticipated pop culture event of the year. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Comic-Con has evolved from a small gathering of local comic book fans to a global entertainment phenomenon.

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Being one of the hottest tickets in the world, fans go to great lengths to not only secure an attendee badge; but, for some, also travel great distances and brave the very crowded Gaslamp District – all just to get a glimpse at some of the biggest names in moves and television.

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Over the course of five days, Downtown San Diego is transformed from a major, yet quiet coastal city to a place where all fandoms are welcome. And, local businesses are more than happy to welcome the massive influx of out-of-towners. According to Visit San Diego:

“The 50th annual Comic-Con is here and the event is expected to bring an estimated 135,000 attendees into the San Diego Convention Center…

Comic-Con attracts attendees from over 80 countries and more than 2,500 media personnel from over 30 countries, putting San Diego at the center of an international spotlight. Comic-Con guests are expected to generate an estimated $ 149 million in regional impact to San Diego, with a direct attendee spending of $ 88 million. ”

This year, we got the chance to explore the Comic-Con floor. Knowing that the crowds were going to be heavy and that we were going to spend a lot of time on our feet, we brought along the light and powerful Nikon Z 6.

There’s so much to see at San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s just a sample of everything we captured on closing day.

Getting Onto the Convention Floor

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dsc 1109

Meet & Greets

dsc 0972

dsc 0968

dsc 0973

Fans in Training

dsc 1058

dsc 1002

dsc 1090

There Will be Shopping…

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dsc 1117

dsc 0904

All that walking required fuel. This convention attendee picked up some popular convention fare.

Cosplayers, Cosplayers Everywhere…

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dsc 1156

dsc 1130

dsc 1096

dsc 1073

dsc 0951

dsc 0948

dsc 0986

Our favorite moment from the day…

dsc 1284

Comic-Con spreads all over Downtown San Diego. Even the local businesses get in the spirit. This shot was taken at a nearby hotel lobby.

Learn more about the Nikon Z series here.

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