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Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

Viewing the images for February’s Top Pics feels like a trip around the world — come join the adventure. From sand dunes in Namibia to mountain peaks in Canada, the collection is full of nature’s best photo ops. Take a look at our favorite wedding photos of February 2022 below, featuring a variety of photographic styles and exotic locations. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired to plan your next trip with your camera. Good trip!

photo by Factoria182

Photographed in Riaño Lake, León, Spain.

couple hand in hand running towards vintage VW bus

photo by Edo Tandani

artsy photo of edgy nontraditional couple in bathroom

photo by Pretty Flamingo Weddings

dramatic black and white landscape of couple on horizon

photo by Arofiqoh Sandika

couple overlooking koi fish lake in Indonesia

photo by Framedia Wibowo

Photographed in Talaga Biru, West Java, Indonesia.

hipster couple lounging with records and record player

photo by Pietraszkiewicz Love Photography

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by David Le

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by Sweetpapermedia

Experimenting with Depth of Field

I played around by shooting no wider than f / 10 to try to achieve zero depth of field. It was nice to try something I hadn’t done in a long time. Going out of my comfort zone every once in a while is definitely good for me. The gear I used was a Canon 5d Mk4 body with a Sigma Art 12-24mm F / 4 lens.

couple embracing in the rain on wedding day

photo by Klayne Rolader

wedding day couple on couch in front of treasury vaults

photo by Jack Hoyle Photography

bridal portrait with intricate headpiece and gold mirror

photo by Hennygraphy

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by Sadajiwa Image

Photographed in Sumba Island, Indonesia.

same-sex couple embracing on wedding day

photo by Kirsi Tasala Photography

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by Edo Tandani

couple on busy Paris street with motion blur

photo by Clémence Cosnefroy

smiling bride in traditional Indian garb on wedding day

photo by Dhaarna Bhola Photography

couple and their two dogs on sand dunes in Namibia

photo by Urban Lens Photography

From the Model’s Perspective

This was probably one of the most perfect days in Swakopmund, Namibia. Usually when we shoot in the dunes we get blown away with dust and sand. This wasn’t even an official shoot — June (the photographer of Urban Lens) is one of my closest friends and we just went to enjoy the pleasant weather, climb the dunes, and catch a tan. Of course, Bow and Leah, our two shelties went along on this adventure. June captured everything perfectly exactly as it was — sunny, carefree, and genuine. When I look back at this memory, I can feel every moment as if it were yesterday!

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by Samsul Hidayat

traditional Indian bride with red veil and intricate jewelry

photo by Oragraphy

couple walking through tall grass by the sea

photo by Carley Mae Photography

up close intimate black and white portrait of couple

photo by Lilly Wilson Photography

bride standing by Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies

photo by BDFK Photography

Photographed in Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

same-sex couple silhouettes in front of colorful wall

photo by Bee Too Sweet Photography

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by Studio Gabriel

wedding day first look in front of window in attic

photo by Mati Photography

Top Pics of the Month for February 2022

photo by The Marvelous Pictures

Thank you for joining us on this short trip around the globe. If you already have your next adventure planned, make sure you’re prepared with outdoor photography permits if you need them. When you’re finished, don’t forget to visit the Photobug Community Facebook group to share the images you capture along the way!

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