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The New Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 Has a Curious Manufacturer

Ever since DJI purchased Hasselblad years ago, the company has been incredibly quiet. No longer are they constantly talking about their history with the moon and going to space. But, now it seems like they’ll be going airborne again sooner or later.

Today, Hasselblad is announcing the Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 drone with special Hasselblad lenses on the front. The company specifically states this is tracings its history from collaborations with companies like Motorola and that this is part of the company’s future.

This all sounds familiar if you’ve been in the photo industry for years. Remember back in 2014 when they rebranded the Sony a99 and Sony RX100 Mk II? Well, this one feels very similar. The new Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 in fact has pretty much the same specs as the DJI Mavic Air 2.

However, it now incorporates a brand new and arguably innovative feature called Moon Landing. Specifically, it uses augmented reality to overlay an image of the moon’s surface on the video. And it’s trained to do some pretty cool things.

  • If the Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 sees bodies of water, it turns them into a crater.
  • When it looks at the sky, it blacks out and stars are overlaid.
  • If it looks at the moon, the Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 superimposes the Earth over it.
  • Trees and plants are turned into crevices and dust
  • Roads look like wheel tracks reminiscent of various rover drops onto the moon.
  • Road signs are converted to sayings like “To the Moon” and post the latest cryptocurrency prices
Hillary Grigonis The Phoblographer DJI Mavic Air 2 Review 32

And of course, the new Hasselblad Mavic Air 2 has a premium price tag of $ 12,500.

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s Joke. Chill

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