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StudioZoomies CRM Helps Photographers Manage Many Brands

If you work in more than one genre, and all the separate scheduling, communications, workflows, and branding is leaving you dog-tired, the new StudioZoomies CRM software is a real treat.

It’s never been more important for photographers to establish a strong brand – something that says, “Here’s my niche, here’s my style, and here’s why you should hire me.” Got a few specialties? You’ll need a few brands.

Looking like a jack-of-all-trades when you pop up in a prospective client’s search results just doesn’t fly these days.

StudioZoomies CRM Software
No matter your genre of photography, StudioZoomies will help you take your business to the next level.

But managing different brands and job types can be overwhelming, as StudioZoomies creator Eric Jarvis knows first-hand. “Starting in the 90s, we were insanely busy, always juggling multiple clients and orders, always in a rush, ”he recalls. “I probably ate half my weight in bagels every week.”

He and his partner had built a thriving wedding, portrait, and real estate photography business, completing about 250 jobs a year.

Finding no suitable software to help manage tasks and team members, Jarvis used his development skills to build an in-house solution.

StudioZoomies CRM Software
Customize your branding and choose your colors – even light and dark modes are built in!

Fast-forward to the 2020s, and Jarvis still didn’t see a better CRM for photographers. “The general-purpose ones just weren’t specialized enough, and the photo-specific ones required too much work to enter all the details for a new job, much less a new brand. The setup time made them nearly impossible to work with, ”Jarvis notes.

“Clients are much more particular now than they’ve ever been,” he continues. The vision they have for their event or family photos is detailed and elaborate, shaped by online magazines and sites like Pinterest. With search engines and social media at their fingertips, customers look for professionals who specialize in exactly what they want.

“Take weddings, for example,” Jarvis says. “Couples who are willing to pay well are not interested in someone who does a nice job. They want the photographer who does the best job. If you’ve got a website that shows you up to 15 different types of photography, then you’re obviously not focused on weddings. ”

StudioZoomies CRM Software
Entering a new job is effortless with a stepper that guides you through a few simple steps. Add dates, timeline, charges, and credits right there.
StudioZoomies CRM Software
Assign multiple dates to jobs and specific roles to team members in the schedule builder. On the right, is the client portal page from where clients can submit payments online.

Working in more than one type of photography means not just keeping your branding straight, but managing different workflows without skipping a beat.

“The requirements of photographing a family reunion are very different from those of shooting real estate,” Jarvis says. But, he adds, all the genres have one thing in common: “The demand for the immediate turnaround has really changed how much time we have to deliver. To stay organized and on top of project details is far more important than ever before. ”

Journey-based design in StudioZoomies CRM software allows the user to enter information for a job in a series of simple steps. Presets make it a breeze to respond to inquiries and generate contracts and invoices. Unique scheduling tools let you easily create timelines for prospective clients, which can be a selling point in themselves.

In addition to being your productivity solution, StudioZoomies also optimizes customer engagement by allowing users to communicate with clients on their preferred channel, be it SMS, email, or WhatsApp. “Responding to inquiries as quickly as possible — with highly targeted information — and sending it to where your customer will see it gives you a huge competitive advantage,” Jarvis says.

StudioZoomies Founder Eric Jarvis
Eric Jarvis is in action photographing a wedding at gorgeous Lake Tahoe.

You can expand your network and reach even further with another unique feature that allows you to easily track other vendors and share images with them for use in their own social media and promotions. They’ll be happy, and you’ll be happy watching your business grow from their referrals.

StudioZoomies CRM software will empower you to maximize productivity, exceed client expectations, and bring home more bacon.

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