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Sony URX-P41D Released – Dual Channel On-Camera Wireless Audio Receiver

Sony URX-P41D Released - Dual Channel On-Camera Wireless Audio Receiver

Sony recently unveiled the URX-P41D, a dual-channel wireless receiver for on-camera mounting. Featuring a compact design, the unit supports Digital Audio Processing, NFC SYNC pairing, Auto Gain function, Output Level control, as well as a stable signal up to 100.6m / 330ft. It is now available for pre-order for $ 679.99

The new Sony URX-P41D is the company’s fourth-generation wireless audio receiver. It joins the UWP-D audio family, ensuring backward compatibility with transmitters from previous generations.

Given its portability, this product can easily be employed in a variety of shooting scenarios, from broadcast applications to documentaries and run-and-gun camera gigs. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Sony URX P41D front
Image source: Sony

Sony URX-P41D: dual-channel wireless technology

The URX-P41D is a portable two-channel audio receiver that can easily sit on top of your camera, thanks to its compact form factor. It features two antennas (whose position is adjustable to maximize signal strength) as well as two independent internal receiving sections.

Sony URX P41D front 2
Image source: Sony

This new wireless receiver relies on analog UHF wireless technology and has an RF bandwidth of 72 MHz. The unit automatically scans for the most stable frequency among 2772 channels. Its True Diversity reception technology ensures minimal dropout up to 100.6m / 330ft, while each frequency band supports up to 16 transmitters.

Sony URX-P41D: digital audio processing

The unit can be connected to your camera using the included 3.5mm and XLR cables. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with many Sony XDCAM camcorders and Alpha mirrorless cameras via the optional SMAD-P5 MI shoe adapter.

This enables direct digital audio recording which should result in a crystal-clear signal since this process bypasses any D / A or A / D signal conversion.

Sony SMAD P5
Sony SMAD-P5 digital interface (optional). Image source: Sony

Moreover, the system relies on Sony’s Digital Audio Processing to optimize communication between the TX and the RX, which should result in a crisper audio signal.

Smart features

This URX-P41D is packed with other advanced features, such as the NFC SYNC function. By pressing the dedicated button, the receiver automatically starts looking for the most stable frequency in order to pair with a nearby transmitter. Moreover, the Channel Memory Function allows users to rapidly switch between four different transmitters.

Sony URX P41D FX6
Image source: Sony

An Auto Gain mode provides peace of mind by preventing signal distortion, while the Output Level control allows for adjusting levels when sending audio to another device via the XLR cable.

Design and power options

An interesting design feature is the external 3.5mm mic input directly built into the receiver. For example, this could be useful to record the interviewer’s voice in one-man-band setups. Audio levels can be precisely monitored using the integrated 3.5mm headphone output and the 4-channel mixer displayed on the bright OLED screen.

Sony URX P41D input output
Image source: Sony

The Sony URX-P41D has a solid all-metal construction and a compact form factor, only measuring 63x70x35mm / 2.5 × 2.8 × 1.4 ”without antennas and weighing 159g / 5.6oz without batteries.

Sony URX P41D side
Image source: Sony

When it comes to powering the receiver, the URX-P41D offers a huge amount of flexibility. The stand-alone unit accepts two AA batteries that can keep it running for about 4.5 hours, while an on-screen indicator will display the remaining battery life with an accuracy of minutes. Furthermore, the unit can also draw juice from a power bank via the USB-C port or straight from the camera when paired with the SMAD-P5 MI shoe adapter.

Price and availability

The new Sony URX-P41D receiver is now available for pre-order from B&H. The stand-alone unit comes in three different frequency band options that share the same official retail price of $ 679.99:

Sony also offers the UWP-D27 pack for $ 1,229.99. It includes one URX-P41D receiver, two UTX-B40 bodypack transmitters, and two omnidirectional lavalier microphones. Moreover, the price of the SMAD-P5 Digital MI Shoe Adapter is $ 64.99.

What is the most reliable wireless audio system in your experience? What do you think of the new Sony URX-P41D? Share your opinion in the comment section below!


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