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SIGMA fp Firmware Update V4.0 Released – Adds False Color, Focus Ring Control and More

SIGMA fp Firmware Update V4.0 Released - Adds False Color, Focus Ring Control and More

SIGMA fp just got a new firmware update v4.0 that brings false color, focus ring control for switching the movement of the focus ring with compatible SIGMA L-Mount lenses between linear and nonlinear, as well as other useful new features and improvements. The update is now available free of charge at the SIGMA support website.

Next to a fairly wide range of zoom and prime mirrorless lenses, the Japanese SIGMA Corporation also enriched the L-Mount Alliance with two camera bodies so far – the SIGMA fp and fp L. Both cameras also happen to be the smallest full-frame mirrorless bodies currently available on the market.

While it might seem that the newer 61MP fp L model gets all the attention, SIGMA did not forget the original fp either. The camera just received a new free firmware update v4.0 which adds false color and other useful features. Let’s take a look at the details.

SIGMA fp firmware v4.0

As I mentioned above, perhaps the most interesting new feature of the firmware v4.0 is the addition of false color which is a helpful tool for exposing the image correctly. Furthermore, the SIGMA fp will now be able to switch compatible lenses between the linear and nonlinear movement of the focus ring. That is very helpful when pulling focus manually with modern L-Mount lenses.

SIGMA fp firmware v4 with lens
Focus ring control – the SIGMA 45mm f / 2.8 lens is one of the supported lenses. Source: SIGMA

Here is the full list of new features and improvements in the firmware v4.0:

  • It adds the “false color” function where the exposure status on the screen is displayed in different colors, allowing users to easily see the exposure status of any part of the frame.
  • It adds the “Focus Ring Control” function that allows users to change the movement of the focus ring to either linear or nonlinear. This will only work with compatible SIGMA L-mount lenses – out of the total of 20 lenses, 12 of them are compatible with this feature. To use this function, it is necessary to update the firmware of the compatible lens to the latest version.
  • It adds the “STILL / CINE Link Settings” function that allows users to select whether or not they want to link key exposure settings between STILL and CINE modes. The following settings are affected: Shooting Mode, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Compensation, and ISO Sensitivity.
  • It allows the “Screenshot” and “False color” functions to be assigned to “Custom button functions”.
  • It changes the specification so that the countdown before a shot in self-timer mode (2 seconds and 10 seconds), and the exposure time for long exposures (bulb shooting and exposures of 1 second or longer) are displayed on the screen.
  • It adds a function available in STILL mode where information from the attached lens (focal length and shooting distance) can be displayed on the screen.
  • It adds a “Clip Numbering” function in CINE mode that allows users to change the clip numbering of the “Filename / Number” in the “SYSTEM” menu.
SIGMA lenses linear focus compatiblity
Focus ring control – supported SIGMA L-Mount lenses. Source: SIGMA

Price and availability

The new firmware update v4.0 for the SIGMA fp is available free of charge and it can be downloaded directly from the SIGMA support website. The fp camera body currently sells for $ 1,499 or in a bundle with the SIGMA 45mm f / 2.8 DG DN Contemporary lens for $ 1,599.

Do you use the SIGMA fp for your video work? What do you think about the firmware update v4.0? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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