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Friday Five portrait from US News.
People arrive for the inauguration ceremony of Sonia Guajajara. Brazil’s new Minister of Indigenous People. © Eraldo Peres/AP

The Friday Five for the Week of January 9-13, 2023

Photos You Should See—January 2023
First up in our Friday Five: US News’ photo editors have curated this month’s most compelling images from at home and abroad—from the inauguration ceremony of Sonia Guajajara, Brazil’s new Minister of Indigenous People, to a burqa-clad person walking along a street during snowfall in Kabul, Afghanistan, to the Delhi Queer Pride Parade and much more. These images are definitely worth a look.

Dramatic Fish Death at Aquarium Shows Risk of Using Camera Flash
There’s startling footage circulating of a tuna fish ramming itself against the glass of the tank it was in. The collision killed it instantly and it sank to the bottom of the aquarium, leaving a trail of blood as visitors at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan watched on in horror.

The clip was shared on Reddit and sparked outrage among users. “This is why flash photography should not be allowed in aquariums,” wrote the person who posted the clip. “The fish cannot see the glass and think the water continues onward in that direction as the flashes resemble reflective light bouncing off the water.” Read more at

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My Portraits of Transgender Soldiers Were Acquired By The National Portrait Gallery
Digital Camera World talked with photographer Rory Lewis, “an acclaimed portrait photographer who has worked with a wide range of subjects, from members of the Royal Family to army generals to famous actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Dame Judi Dench, and Sir Ian McKellen.”Lewis is still inspired by art rather than photography, dramatically depicting his subjects in the style of Caravaggio. He believes the key to good portraiture is being bold and taking risks with your subjects, pushing them to release emotion.” Lewis’s latest body of work—a project featuring transgender soldiers—captures those who serve with pride.”

Warrant Officer Class 2 Deborah Penny (middle) has just been acquired by The National Portrait Gallery in London. © Rory Lewis/Courtesy Digital Camera World

According to the article in Digital Camera World, one of the most striking portraits by Lewis in this series is that of Warrant Officer Class 2 Deborah Penny, who served 30 years in the British Army’s Royal Logistic Corps as a Bomb disposal expert and made Army history as the first transgender soldier to serve on the front line. Her portrait has been acquired by The National Portrait Gallery in London.

“The British Army is a wonderfully diverse organization and I’m pleased that my portrait has helped to recognize a true British Army Hero,” Lewis told Digital Camera World. “Deborah will take her rightful place in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection.” Read more at Digital Camera World.

The $10 Dollar Camera Photographers Are Snapping Up
Fstoppers delves into why you need to add a point-and-shoot to your camera bag, specifically the Canon SD1000. “While this camera from 2007 may only have 7.1 megapixels, the pictures that can be made from it still pack a punch,” writes commercial and fine-art photographer Paul Parker on Fstoppers. The piece then goes on to highlight a video by photographer Jonathan Paragas of KingJvpes, who experiments with the camera and shows the results as well as the limitations of using a camera that was first sold over 16 years ago. “The video starts with both photographers taking pictures with the camera and talking about their reasons for loving such old technology,” writes Parker. “It’s obvious to see how fun these cameras are, and at such a low price point, you’d never have to worry about losing them. While these types of cameras don’t come with a high megapixel count, the guys dismiss this issue as not being important, and I couldn’t agree more. These cameras can still make impressive pictures and are worthy of a place in your camera bag. Read more on

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