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Our OM-System OM1 Review Got a New Update

Hi folks! We’re letting everyone know we’ve made a correction to our OM-System OM1 review after speaking with OMDS. You can take a look at our updated review right here. After comments on our recent episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, we were alerted to an error we made, although we still stand by a lot of our statements. We’ll explore it in the blog post below.


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The issue had to do with subject detection on the OM1. We weren’t aware that you need to hold the button down to switch subject detection settings, nor is it apparent in the menu or on-screen. Our box didn’t come with a manual either.

Because of this, the OM System OM1 is the best camera on the market for quickly changing subjects if you need to. It’s far better than Canon, Nikon, Sony, and in some ways Panasonic. However, Panasonic and Nikon both let the user put humans and animals in the same setting if they wish.

OM-System takes the Sony approach to choose between birds and animals. From our experience, it can still mean that you miss a shot compared to how Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic do it.

Below is the update in our review. We’ve made this correction and we’re sorry about the mistake. Our review process doesn’t often involve us reaching out to the manufacturers for good reason. We try to get as close to the customer experience as we can, and we know you don’t have access to the same resources. In this case, we probably would’ve missed it.

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Update: The following paragraphs on subject detection have been revamped:

Despite this, you can still use the front and back dial to navigate the new menu on the OM System OM1. And overall, it’s super quick to get anywhere you need. There are still things you might want to wire into the My Menu system, like subject detection. The OM System OM1 lets you set a button to turn subject detection on and off

Sometimes, when you’re walking around the forest, you want to go from photographing woodpeckers to chipmunks in a few seconds.

After our initial review, we confirmed with Olympus that you can set subject detection to a specific button. This we knew, but we weren’t aware that you could hold it down and use a dial to switch the detection. This surely makes it easier to work with than all the other systems when it comes to switching the detection.

But having to go from birds to animals is incredibly annoying. Once you get a taste of not needing to switch the settings around, you don’t want to go back.

With Sony, you have to set the camera to do one or the other. Sure, you can set it up by switching a setting on your dial mode, but that can get complicated. If you pull your eye away from the scene, the moment could be gone. Your fingers and hands aren’t even always at the dial either, and so it should be right at your fingertips. Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon all group birds and animals together. And to make things simpler, that might be the better thing to do.

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