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Nikon Introduces the Vlogger-Friendly Z 30

The newly-announced mirrorless Z 30 is the third APS-C format Z-series camera from Nikon, following the Z 50 and the Z FC. Built around a 20-megapixel, APS-C sensor, the Nikon Z 30 offers a number of features that will appeal to vloggers above and beyond its compact body and fully articulated touchscreen LCD.

Vlogger-friendly Z 30

In addition to the articulated LCD, the vlogger-friendly Z 30 can record up to 4K 30p UHD with no additional crop—which is particularly important with a cropped sensor, so you don’t lose any of the frames when composing the scene.

Dual stereo microphones are built in for audio recording or you can use an external microphone. The red “Record Lamp” on the front of the camera serves as a Tally Lamp so you know when you’re recording (a bonus for those of us who have, on occasion, mistakenly thought we were recording when we weren’t).


Key for long shoots—whether you’re filming a scene like a wedding ceremony or an interview or extended vlog—is the Z 30’s ability to capture video for up to 125 minutes. Of course, that depends on battery life and the camera maintaining a reasonable internal temperature.

There’s enough power in a fully charged battery for up to 75 minutes of recording but no worries if you need to shoot longer: the Z 30 can be powered by an external battery pack via USB-C so you don’t have to interrupt your shoot. Live streaming? No problem.

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Other features of note include eye and face tracking, as well as the ability for the camera to automatically reposition focus when an object is brought close to the camera. This is particularly helpful if/when you’re showcasing a product or the finished result of a DIY video.

Slow motion video at 120p is great for adding a special touch and low light capture isn’t a problem with an ISO range of up to 25600 for video (51200 for stills—of course, the Z 30 is capable of capturing stills. At 12.4 ounces (body only) and measuring 5.1 x 2.9 x 2.4 inches, the Z 30 is not only the perfect size for vlogging but is a great little carry-everywhere camera.

We are a little disappointed that the vlogger-friendly Z 30 doesn’t have a headphone jack, but otherwise, the latest APS-C Z series camera looks very promising. Nikon offers several configurations as well as accessories to enhance the user’s experience.

For $10, you can pick up a pair of Wind Muffs to place over the camera’s stereo mics to cut wind noises. There’s also a UC-E25 USB-C cable for $40 and the ML-L7 Bluetooth remote to control the camera from up to 20 feet away for $50.

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You’ll need a VR lens for optical image stabilization (there’s e-VR for video) but the kit lenses are all equipped with OIS. And we recommend the smaller z-series lenses to keep the set-up compact. Configurations include:

Body only: $710

Kit with Nikkor Z Dx 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR: $850

Kit with Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm and 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR: $1,200

And Nikon also offers the Z 30 Creator’s Accessory Kit for $150, which includes the Røde VideoMicro Microphone, SmallRig Tripod Grip, and the ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote Control.

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