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Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K – Official US Distribution, cDNG Update

The Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K shares the same body and functionality with its slightly more expensive sibling, the MAVO Edge 8K. Almost only difference between these two cameras is the sensor resolution.

Both cameras will get uncompressed CinemaDNG raw recording with a free firmware update later this year. Kinefinity also launched official support and service in California. The MAVO Edge 6K is now available for $ 9,999.

Almost a month ago, the Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K camera was introduced to complement the higher-resolution model MAVO Edge 8K. My colleague Johnnie took the camera for a spin back in March and shot a short film with it.

You can check his first impression of the camera right here. At the NAB in Las Vegas, we met up with a young DP Sarah Reddy, who told us more about the MAVO Edge 6K and Kinefinity’s presence in the US.

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K – Official US Distribution

As Sarah told us – and this is definitely good news – Kinefinity officially launched the US distribution in October last year, so the company now finally offers full service and store support in Burbank, California.

Kinefinity will offer full support and service even for cameras purchased from resellers, such as B&H.

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K camera. Image credit: CineD

When it comes to accessories, Kinefinity partnered with Movcam and they created a proprietary cage with a base plate for the camera. Another manufacturer that already designed a cage for it, is Tilta.

Highlight stop capability is Sarah’s favorite tool when shooting this camera. Users can adjust highlights to save more detail in highlights without sacrificing detail in the shadows.

Image credit: CineD

Internal raw video coming in June 2022

Currently, the camera can shoot different flavors of ProRes up to the ProRes 4444 XQ, which preserves a lot of data, but produces huge file sizes. In June, however, Kinefinity plans to release a firmware update that will bring CinemaDNG uncompressed raw video recording to both MAVO Edge 6K and 8K.

Image credit: CineD

The update will be free of charge and it will first come for the 6K version. The cDNG, by the way, takes up a huge amount of space too. Another new feature that will come this year via a firmware update is the ACES workflow.

Price and availability

The Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K is available now for $ 9,999 and the higher-resolution sibling MAVO Edge 8K sells for $ 11,999. As Sarah told us, The minimum price difference is caused by the body and functionality being virtually the same.

The only major difference between the two is the image sensor in the end. That’s why the price difference is only $ 2,000.

Image credit: CineD

Disclaimer: This article and the video were made in collaboration with Kinefinity.

What do you think about the new Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K? Have you been using any cinema camera from Kinefinity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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