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HPRC5200R Released – Backpack or Protective Case?

The new HPRC5200R is a large hard case featuring a weird, but quite interesting design. In fact, it can be easily and quickly transformed into a backpack using the included “Rucksack kit”. This can be a convenient solution for carrying large, expensive camera gear to the most remote locations.

High Performance Resin Cases (HPRC) is a leading manufacturer of sturdy, resilient carrying solutions. A few months ago, we talked about their READY lineup, which includes pre-formed hard cases for some of the most common camera models.

Being an outdoor and mountain shooter myself, I understand the challenges of carrying expensive filmmaking gear to the most remote places on Earth. Oftentimes, a backpack turns out to be the only solution, especially when the location is only reachable by walking there. However, it’s not always the safest choice.

With the HPRC5200R, the Italian company came up with a hybrid design that tries to blend the benefits of a hard case and those of a rucksack. Let’s take a closer look.

HPRC 5200R Case Vertical
HPRC5200R. Source: HPRC

HPRC5200R: case or backpack?

The HPRC5200R is a pretty large protective case, measuring 802 x 355 x 246.7 mm in size. It comes in three options: with empty interiors, a cubed foam or a modular divider system.

HPRC 5200R Second Skin
HPRC5200R “Second skin” option. Source: HPRC

The peculiarity of this product is its ability to easily transform into a backpack. According to the company, it’s the world’s first and only hard case capable of undergoing this transformation in seconds.

HPRC 5200R Backpack
HPRC5200R. Source: HPRC

This could be a convenient solution when you can only get to the shooting location by feet or when other hands-free operations are required. For example, the HPRC5200R can easily store large telephoto lenses, light tubes or even a full high-end cinema camera package.

HPRC5200R: the backpack kit

In order to turn the case into a backpack, the provided “Rucksack kit” must be screwed to the bottom of the case. This end-to-end solution includes shoulder straps, plate, backrest, screws and an allen key.

HPRC 5200R Rucksack Kit
HPRC “Rucksack kit” for HPRC5200R. Source: HPRC

However, this case won’t be the lightest backpack you’ll ever carry on your shoulders. In fact, the empty HPRC5200R weighs approximately 5kg. This is the price you have to pay to bring your high-end technology to the most exclusive natural shooting locations.

HPRC 5200R Backpack Case
HPRC5200R “backpack” vs “case” mode. Source: HPRC

If you prefer a more classic carrying approach, the 5200R still features two handles on the short sides and one large handle in the middle of the opening side. This offers two people the ability to help each other moving around a heavier weight.

Durable, resistant and watertight

HPRC has a long experience and a well-established reputation when it comes to producing long-lasting, reliable products. The HPRC5200R benefits of all of their technology and expertise.

The case is made of a resistant polypropylene-based compound that should offer solid protection while still ensuring mechanical elasticity. This allows the case to survive serious falls and impacts. Moreover, the product is dust, sand and acid-proof, and it scores an IP67 rating that makes it watertight.

Furthemore, the company paid attention to the smallest details, like the two-step closing latches that prevent accidental opening, the metal finishing of the TSA-lock holes and the valve for automatic air pressure control.

HPRC 5200R Case Horizontal
HPRC5200R. Source: HPRC

Price and availability

The HPRC5200R is now available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website. Pricing ranges from € 475.50 for the empty case and goes up to € 758.50 for the “Second skin” option with space dividers.

Moreover, the company is so confident about the quality of their work that they offer a life-time warranty on the HPRC5200R. Last but not least, they also provide offer laser engraving for personal customization.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when a case / backpack hybrid solution would have saved your life? How do you usually carry large, expensive gear to remote locations only reachable by walking? Share your experience in the comments below.

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