Hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics and want to get noticed? …Use drones!

Over 1200 drones to be precise! Oh, and break a Guinness Book of Records whilst doing it. And if that’s not challenging enough, why not do it at night and in sub zero temperatures?.


That’s what the organisers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea achieved in their spectacular opening ceremony, with 1218 drones chasing snowboarders down the slopes and shape-shifting from a stellar cloud, to the Olympic rings, to a ghostly snowboarder. It looked like something from a sci-fi film, but was actually a live show put on by a swarm of intel “Shooting Star” drones.


`I say “live”, but actually it turned out to be pre-recorded.

Knowing as I do, how hard it is to safely fly a drone in sub-zero conditions, and bearing in mind the organisers had to contend with possible strong winds, temperatures down to -20c and a global audience – I personally think they did the right thing… a fantastic job and a world first!

As amazing as the spectacle was though, these drones are not all for show… this technology is being developed to provide new capabilities, such as life-saving search and rescue operations. That may require changes to civil aviation rules in most countries, but if the drones can prove their worth, then regulation changes will certainly follow.

I for one, can’t wait… but for now, I’ll look forward to watching the Snowboarders compete in Boardercross – the most exciting winter sport ever invented!




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