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Godox Releases Two New Scrim Flag Kits

Godox Releases Two New Scrim Flag Kits

Godox has launched two new Scrim Flag Kits, the Godox SF6090 Package, and the SF4560 Package. Each kits include a set of flags, in addition to a number of dots and fingers. The corporate is well-known for producing very inexpensive gear, which remains to be capable of competing with a lot of pricier options. Let’s have a more in-depth look!

The identify Godox has been around for a while now. For photographers the Godox flashes and management programs have established themselves as options to manufacturers like Profoto, which are historically priced for a lot greater market section.

Godox has additionally made fairly some inroads into steady lighting in recent times. We now have reported concerning the Godox SL300II Bi-Coloration COB LED in addition to the Godox Litemon LA sequence. However, the firm has additionally been attempting its hand at equipment, like a shotgun mic and even a directional smartphone mic.

On the lighting aspect, as a consequence of its involvement in images, Godox already has a wealth of modifiers and shaping equipment. So the Godox Scrim Flag Kits look like a welcome addition to the umbrellas, tents, stands, softboxes, and different gear already obtainable, to offer that closing finesse for shaping and management.

godox scrim flag kits sets 1
Contents of each kit. Supply: Godox.

Godox SF6090 & SF4560 Scrim Flag Kits

The Godox SF6090 and SF4560 kits each comprise 5 flags, 2 fingers, and a couple of dots. The foremost distinction is the scale of the 5 flags. Certainly, the Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Package is 24″ x 36″ (~ 60 x 90 cm) whereas the Godox SF4560 Scrim Flag Package has flags measuring 18″ x 24″ (~ 45 x 60cm).

Godox Scrim Flag Kit red
Supply: Godox

The dimensions of the fingers is 4″ x 14″ (10 x 35cm) and the dots have a diameter of 6″ (15cm). The entire flags are collapsible, whereas the fingers and dots keep the identical dimension. Each kits come in useful carrying baggage, with a really seen and readable label, denoting the contents.

godox scrim flag kit bag
Package bag for Godox Scrim Flag Kits. Supply: Godox.

However, what do the flags, dots, and fingers within the Godox Scrim Flag Kits truly allow you to do? Here is a full checklist of their modifying options:

  • One ceases silk flag
  • Two cease silk flag
  • Single black web flag
  • Double black web flag
  • Black stable flag
  • Black stable finger & dot
  • Black web finger & dot

All modifiers have normal, umbrella-size attachment bolts, which can be utilized with the most obtainable stands.

godox scrim flag kits in use
Godox Scrim Flag Kits in use. Supply: Godox.

Value and availability

Each kit at the moment is obtainable for buy on B&H. The Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Package retails for $259, whereas the SF4560 is cheaper ($179).

So what do you consider the 2 Godox Scrim Flag Kits? Would you give them a shot for the value? Which vital piece of shaping equipment is lacking in them? Tell us within the feedback!

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