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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week

This week, we take a look at five eye-catching portraits and photos that captured our attention with their cinematic feel, sense of whimsy, and gorgeous light. Read the cool backstories on these compelling images by Chelsea Cannar, Martin Makowski, Elizabeth Messina, and Alexis and Warren from As The Crow Flies below.

Chelsea Cannar, a wedding photographer based in Liverpool, England, says that when it comes to capturing busy compositions like this, she loves to “stand back and play with putting people into their own pockets of space and creating lots of depth between layers. This works exceptionally well when part of the couple is somewhere within those layers.”

eye-catching portraits and photos like this one by Chelsea Cannar is an engaging composition.
© Chelsea Cannar Photography

She continues: “I love that this image feels like the painting, ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,’ by Georges Seurat. It perfectly captures the poolside drinks reception, and I love that it keeps your attention by making your search around the pockets of people for mini-stories within the story.”

Nottingham, UK, photographer Martin Makowski’s general approach to photographing weddings is to capture unscripted and genuine moments to reflect the true soul of the couple and their day. “I love showing energy and fun in my photos,” he says.

This image (below) is from a wedding that took place at Stoke Rochford Hall in Lincolnshire. “This lady had a total blast while swinging on the dance floor,” says Makowski. “Her pure joy, beams from the disco lights, and her expression all came together and made a photograph that perfectly reflects the feeling of this moment.”

© Martin Makowski

This next image, also by Makowski, is a capture from the wedding of Ross and Domi at The Embankment in Nottingham (below).

a black-and-white image of a bride and groom kissing at the reception.
© Martin Makowski

“The entire day was super relaxed and yet very dynamic with a good party,” recalls Makowski. “I love how this image reflects the social side of the event as well as the strong bond between bride and groom.”

Elizabeth Messina, known for her gorgeous, ethereal, eye-catching portraits and photos full of light and grace, took this image of model Alyssah Ali on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a private residence.

eye-catching portrait of a model sitting on window-sill.
© Elizabeth Messina

“I adore the window light and how Alyssah is softly backlit,” says Messina. “It feels natural and stylish at the same time. As a film lover, I have been looking for a digital camera option that would complement my film work. I think the Fujifilm GFX 100S is able to produce beautiful images that do just that.

The image is a bit blown out behind her, but I think it works well because her skin and the dress are well exposed. It was a very hot, very bright day and she was lit from behind. I experimented a bit with my exposure until I found a sweet spot where her face and the areas in shadow were visible and well lit.”

Photo and video team As The Crow Flies, comprised of husband-and-wife duo Alexis and Warren, says that couple Janeane and Tom reached out to them after seeing a session they had done with an elderly couple. “They knew they wanted us to capture their wedding day,” says Alexis.

“They are also on the older side and decided that they still wanted to have their big wedding. They weren’t so much worried about ‘Detail shots, getting ready, etc.’ They were most concerned about capturing family. Janeane had a room full of five generations, which was incredible to witness.”

Older bride and groom leaning against the bar.
© As The Crow Flies

when Alexis called the bride-to-be to discuss and finalize the timeline of the day, the bride told the photographer that there was going to be a surprise taking place and that it would be the most important part of the entire day.

“Her grandson was going to propose to his girlfriend directly after the first dance. While telling me about the plans, she was crying tears of joy and couldn’t wait until the moment happened.”

Alexis adds that the proposal happened [below] and everyone was in tears. The speeches happened and everyone was in tears. It was a room full of SO much love without a single care for wedding traditions, she says.

wedding proposal during another wedding.
© As The Crow Flies

“We didn’t really do any posing at all. I had to get creative with Bride and Groom shots since they didn’t really want to plan for that.”

The day, says Alexis, tested her lighting knowledge since 85 percent of the day was in the dark. “This wedding made me step outside my comfort zone and for that, I am so thankful. Real emotions and moments are so much better than planned poses.”

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