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DZOFILM KOOP Rear Filters for Vespid Prime and Catta Ace Lenses Released

DZOFILM KOOP Rear Filters for Vespid Prime and Catta Ace Lenses Released


DZOFILM just announced the new KOOP rear filters compatible with the full-frame cine Vespid primes and Catta Ace zoom lenses (PL mount). In two different sets, there are ND and UV filters, as well as Black Mist 1/4, Blue streak filter, and DIY Bokeh filter.

The filter sets will start shipping in late April for $ 299 per set. Additionally, the company announced that a black version of the Catta cine zoom lenses is available now and will start shipping in early May.

The Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM has expanded its portfolio of cinema lenses significantly in the last few years. What started with the Super35 cinema zoom lens set called Pictor, continued over the full-frame primes called Vespid all the way to the full-frame cine zooms called Catta.

Today, the company releases new KOOP rear filters for the Vespid primes and Catta Ace zooms in PL-Mount. Let’s take a look at the details.

DZOFILM KOOP rear filters

dzofilm koop filter 2
DZOFILM KOOP rear filters. Source: DZOFILM

According to DZOFILM, KOOP is the first filter designed by the company. As I mentioned above, the filters are compatible with DZOFILM Vespid Prime & Catta Ace (PL mount) lenses.

The detachable and magnetic KOOP rear filters are made of super HD glass, and they are water and oil-resistant. According to DZOFILM, double-sided nano-coating reduces reflection and glare. There are two different sets of KOOP filters:

1. Standard set

This set will include three ND filters – ND4 (0.6), ND8 (0.9), and ND16 (1.2). Additionally, the set will include an L365 UV filter which acts as general protection for the rear element against dust, moisture, or scratches while absorbing UV lights and therefore reducing the blueish cast of daylight.

dzofilm koop filter 3
DZOFILM KOOP rear filters. Source: DZOFILM

2. Artistic set

First, this set includes a Black Mist 1/4 filter. On the premise of reducing the contrast and sharpness, black mist 1/4 makes images more delicate. Compared with the white mist, Black mist reserves more shadow details while softening the light. Without changing the contrast of the picture, the filter retains the color of the images.

The second filter in the set is the Streak filter (blue) which adds a drawing glare, simulating the characteristics of the anamorphic widescreen. The long blue anamorphic streak effect is more visible in the image when there is a strong light source.

The last filter type in the set is the DIY Bokeh filter. It consists of an empty magnetic frame filter that can be equipped with various inserts. It comes with the D logo, star, lighting, heart, and question mark filters in the package.

dzofilm catta zoom black 2
DZOFILM Catta cine zooms in black. Source: DZOFILM

Price and availability

DZOFILM states that the KOOP filters are expected to be shipped in late April, and the price of one set (standard or artistic) is $ 299. The black Catta cine zooms will start shipping in early May for $ 3,099 per lens or $ 5,899 per lens set (35-80mm & 70-135mm).

The Catta Zoom lenses are easily confused with the slightly more expensive Catta Ace zooms, the main differences are:

  • Image circle: 43.5mm (Catta Zoom) vs 46.5mm (Catta Ace)
  • DZOFilm Catta Ace is slightly more compact
  • Catta Zoom features E / RF / L / X / Z (mirrorless) mounts, Catta Ace only supports PL / LPL / EF mounts for now
  • Each Catta Ace comes with a custom Peli case (both the Catta Zoom and Catta Ace sets come in a Peli case as well)
dzofilm catta zoom black 1
DZOFILM Catta cine zooms in black. Source: DZOFILM

Do you use any of the DZOFILM cine lenses for your work? What do you think about the new KOOP rear filters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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