Drones Under 250 grams: Top 3 for 2022

The rumors say that DJI is planning to release their MINI 3 in April of this year, but till then what are the best Drones Under 250 grams (0.55lbs) right now? Let’s find out from this in-depth comparison guide.

First of all, why is this weight limit is so important? In most countries including the US, recreational pilots, those flying just for fun and not for the furtherance of a business, do not have to register their drone if the flying weight is below 250grams (55 pounds). However, they still need to follow some general safety guidelines.

Back in 2019, DJI realized that most drones under the FAA’s 250grams weight limit were just cheap toys with no advanced features, and they saw an opportunity to extend their product range by introducing the highly capable Mavic MINI that become an instant hit. For more than one year they ruled this new market segment. The success story continued with introducing the MINI 2 which now had a 4K camera and improved…


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