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Britney Pease Gives Us a Rare Peek into the World of True Crime

We enjoy an eclectic mix of photography submissions here at The Phoblographer. Many of them blend into one, while some exhibit the sheer excellence of creative minds. And now and then, we get something we’ve rarely seen before, like this submission from Leeds-based photographer Britney Pease.

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Gear Used by Britney Pease

“I use my Canon Eos 1300D regularly alongside a tripod to help steady my images. I chose that brand because I am used to Canon, and I feel it’s the best and most popular brand on the market… ”

Britney Pease


Britney Pease Shares a True Crime Story

Pease recently sent us her dark photography project, Murder Diaries. It’s an exploration of crime scenes and murder locations. “An interest of mine is crime, true crime, and the locations I have shot are the Yorkshire Ripper sites,” Pease tells us. For anyone unaware, the Yorkshire Ripper is Peter Sutcliffe. He was a serial killer, found guilty of brutally murdering 13 women across the pan for 11 years. He died in prison in November, 2020.


After reading about the theme, we returned to view the images. What first looked like mundane snapshots of areas in the North of England, quickly became chilling documents relating to the story of one of the country’s most infamous criminals.

Such projects can be mentally challenging. The eerie feeling of being in a place where such brutality occurred is enough to make anyone want to put down their camera and go home. We asked Pease about the mental impact of doing the work. “It’s a sensitive project, so mentally, it will get to me, and I know I’ll need to take a break,” she told The Phoblographer. She continues, “[I’ll] think about why I am doing [the work]but at the same time, it’s a good feeling knowing by doing this [project]it will help feed my interest as well as take the audience on a journey. ”


And on the journey, we go. From a children’s playground to an abandoned apartment, it’s unnerving to think that innocent women lost their lives in such hideous circumstances due to the evil actions of one man. Factor in that a majority of the shots are in black and white, and you will soon begin to feel all the challenging emotions that arise with such a topic.


About the Photographer Britney Pease

Britney Pease is an MA photography student at Leeds Arts University. She first began her interest in photography as a child, using her smartphone to capture scenes of interest. Before going to University, photography became her main passion, and she did her undergraduate degree in photography and journalism.


Throughout her journey, Pease has sought influence from the likes of Ansel Adams and Doretha Lange. “[I especially like] Doretha Lange for her work [during] the Great Depression, I studied her during my undergrad and found her fascinating. ”

On Her Style and Approach

Since moving to a dedicated camera in 2018, Pease has focused on developing her style. Once an idea comes to mind, she creates a visual structure on paper and thinks about how she can make it different from anything else in the field.

When asked what her motivation was to create, Pease told us, “What motives me to shoot is knowing I’ve got a good topic, theme, idea to shoot, having a list of locations, energy, good weather is a must.”


Pease identifies as someone who documents and creates. She enjoys documenting real-life stories while also taking her audience on a journey through her creative touch. When asked why she felt Murder Diaries would captivate an audience, Pease explained, “I think the readers want to see my work because it’s something different, not something you see every day. My project is cool because it can be mountains. It makes you think back to the past and offers something different to look at. ”

In closing, we asked the artist to tell us why photography is important to her. “Photography is important to me because it gives me escapism from the outside world. Turning on a camera and taking a photo is a good feeling. ”

You can see more from Britney Pease by visiting her website and Instagram.

All images by Britney Pease. Used with permission.

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