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Autel Gave Its App a Makeover and Improved the Evo Nano Plus

Autel has created a lot of fun in a cute little drone package with the Evo Nano Plus. It is a great option that all skill levels will enjoy. This drone is also under 250g, which alleviates a lot of bureaucracy. It produces fantastic images and induces perma-grin for its users, so don’t be fooled by the entry-level price tag.

The recent May firmware update requires the app to be updated and gives it a bit of a facelift. Autel’s V1.3.26 corrects the DNG color error, adds a SHOOT mode, and fixes issues with Hyperlapse. It also corrects the number displayed within the app, the auto-exposure lock, and minor camera errors.

Autel Evo Nano Plus Review Update

I added the following to our Autel Evo Nano Plus Review:

The Autel Evo Nano Plus continues to produce a lot of joy in a small package. The May 2022 firmware update requires an app update, giving it a makeover. A SHOOT mode with electronic stabilization has been added with all camera parameter settings. Users will also notice the new camera and video icons that separate the shooting modes.

Autel’s V1.3.26 has vastly improved the quality of DNG files by addressing the color error. The weird Cyan and blue vignette are drastically reduced, and the colors are more accurate. Images do require a bit of editing to get the same robust images as their JPEG counterpart. I recommend reducing blue and bumping vibrance.

I had issues with my original drone when I installed the firmware update. It gave sensor errors, the gimbal was not level, and the drone was very shaky. I then had it in a hovering position with ample distance from any nearby object to see if that would help. Unfortunately, I watched the drone start traveling toward the nearest building with increasing speed. It crashed.

The crash could have simply been the result of a crossed radio wave. It was as if it had stopped communicating. If you experience something similar with the update, you might want to contact Autel for troubleshooting before throwing caution to the wind.

Autel sent a replacement drone that worked as it should. The gimbal provided level images, hovering was smooth again, and the quality was great.

Additionally, the Hyperlapse functionality of Autel’s Nano Plus is great. I did not have issues previously, although I did notice an improvement. Image stabilization is an added plus. Additionally, the drone handles exceptionally well in strong winds.

Improved DNG Color

Brittany Smith The Phoblographer Autel Nano Plus Raw Color Support Firmware Update

One of the cons of Nano Plus was the washed-out cyan toning in the DNG image. Autel has made a vast improvement, and it is noticeably reduced. However, users will still need to edit them in post-processing to get the same quality as the JPEG images.

Brittany Smith Firmware Update Autel Nano Plus Firmware Update 4668

I suggest subtly reducing blue and magenta while giving a small bump in vibrance.


Brittany Smith The Phoblographer Autel Nano Plus Hyperlapse

We did not experience any issues when using Hyperlapse previously. I did notice that the update provides smoother transitions with the overall camera movement.

Optimized Wind Resistance

Brittany Smith The Phoblographer Autel Nano Plus Firmware update

I was very impressed when I was testing the Nano Plus in the winds during our initial review. The optimized wind resistance provided by the V1.3.26 firmware makes it an even better overall experience.

Brittany Smith Firmware Update Autel Nano Plus Firmware Update 3713

A still image in extreme winds with a slower shutter speed is entirely usable.

Other Minor Improvements

Brittany Smith The Phoblographer Autel Nano Plus RAW Image Sample Comparison 6416

The integrated SHOOT mode allows users to capture frames as they do with the button on the iPhone. It adds customization for an individualized experience. One thing to note is that Apple users will have to engage HDR when in flight. Image stabilization is a great addition.

Final Thoughts

Autel continues to improve the overall functionality of its Evo Nano Plus while refining the user experience. The new look of the app is more intuitive. The DNG files are better, although there is still room for improvement. Hyper lapses are improved, and the optimized wind resistance is noticeable.

The V1.3.26 firmware update is a step in the right direction. I look forward to seeing what Autel has in store for the Evo Nano Plus.

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