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Alex Miller (Liquid Verve) on How She Creates Her Unique Style

Alex Miller (aka Liquid Verve) has seen a rapid rise in her photography career. It took her only 18 months to turn pro after first picking up a camera. That’s impressive. However, Miller doesn’t get lost in her success; she is modest about her achievements.


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Miller joined me on the latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind. As she sat in her place in Los Angeles, and I was nestled in a remote town in Montenegro, we dived into her story. If you notice a reduction in audio quality in this episode, that’s because we had some last-second technical issues coming from my end.

I apologize. However, a clear professional, Miller took it in her stride and still afforded me an hour of her time. You can listen to the audio or watch the video by hitting play on either of the media players below.

Who Is Alex Miller aka Liquid Verve?

Alex Miller’s fast rise through the photography ranks isn’t surprising. Although photography was a new avenue, being creative was not. At the age of three, Miller was playing the violin, and she also enjoyed painting at an early age. Clearly, the creative seeds were sown from the beginning.

Before her photography career, Miller received a bachelor’s of fine arts in film school. During that time, she had access to actresses, and through a little encouragement from her partner at the time, Miller began making portraits of them. From there, Miller began to create symbiotic friendships with models, whom she still works with regularly for her shoots.

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I started the conversation by addressing the elephant in the room: does Miller prefer to be called Alex or Liquid Verve? “I do generally prefer when people call me Alex, some people don’t know my name, and they’ll call me Liquid a lot a lot of people think I’m a guy because the portrait photography field is very male-dominated.” On developing her alias Liquid Verve, she explains, “… Verve is a synonym of… passion and vigor and enthusiasm… and I’m just kind of that…”

I was curious to understand what life is like in a male-dominated sector and see if that had caused her any complications throughout her career. Thankfully, despite the horror stories we often hear, Miller said her time in the industry had been nothing but positive. “I’m incredibly grateful for how I have been treated by the communities I have been a part of,” she says.

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Alex Miller aka Liquid Verve on Turning Pro

So, how is it possible that this talented creator could turn pro so soon? As a client’s work came her way, Miller decided to become the leader of her success. And as her online following grew, more and more people turned to her for advice.

Because of that, Miller began creating tutorials and offering mentorship. From Photoshop tutorials to portraiture for beginners, she has developed a teaching style that makes complex processes easy to understand.

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But skills and products aside, Miller’s success is largely down to her dedication. From scouting locations, developing concepts, doing the shoots, and then fine-tuning in the editing room, Miller is constantly doing all she can to develop her business.

A lot of new photographers who have gathered success relatively quickly often get a hard time from the community. They’re seen more as successful marketers instead of talented photographers.

For some, it’s true. But with Miller, much of her success is down to pushing through the barriers and developing a style people connect to, along with her natural artistic flair.

What Else to Expect

Throughout this episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, Miller delves into her artistic process. She talks about her teaching style and gives excellent insight into how photographers can move into the tutoring space. We also discuss how she finds her creative inspiration and which, if any, photographers have inspired her.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this episode, and we encourage you to listen via the media players above.

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Also, if you would like to access one of Miller’s Liquid Verve courses, she’s offering our readers a 25% discount on the regular price. You can access the course here. Use promo code PBG to receive your discount.

Editors note: This is a reader’s benefit. The Phoblographer is in no way affiliated with Alex Miller or any of her Liquid Verve products, nor do we benefit from any purchases made by using the above link and promo code.

You can see more from Alex by visiting her Instagram and TikTok pages.

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