Aerial images show effect of British Summer Heatwave

NASA Satellite image of Great Britain

The BBC has run a couple of reports recently on how the UK heatwave we’re all enjoying this summer has had a dramatic effect on the great british landscape. A recent article compared two NASA satellite images – one from May, the other from mid-July.

It’s easy to forget, but we actually had quite a wet spring and the two images show the contrast from the usual green landscape in May (upper image) to the burned yellow countryside we’re more used to seeing on holiday abroad (lower image).

I thought I’d do a little comparison myself – I don’t have access to satellite imagery – but I thought I could take my drone and return to places I’ve flown in the past to compare.

Below is Barnhurst Playing fields in Penderford, Wolverhampton earlier on this year…

Aerial Drone image of green playing fields

And below is the same location, a few days ago…

Aerial Drone image of scorched playing fields

The two aerial images really show a marked difference in the appearance of the countryside from now to just a few months back.

Here’s another example.

Below is South Staffordshire Golf course a few months ago…

Aerial image of green golf course

And this is the same location a few days ago… even the professionally tended greens aren’t looking so green any more.

Aerial image of scorched golf course

An interesting side effect however, of this hot weather is that drone photography can be used to reveal the ghostly outlines of archaeological sites and monuments which have been hidden for thousands of years.

Take for instance this image taken by Anthony Murphy in County Meath, Ireland:

Aerial image showing outline of newly discovered henge site

It clearly shows a new henge in amazing detail and has led experts to the conclusion that this stretch of the river Boyne near Newgrange holds the densest concentration of these monuments anywhere in the world.

These images are fleeting though – once crops are harvested, the precious outlines will fade back into the lush green countryside. So drone pilots and archaeological experts alike are making the most of this unique opportunity to search out new discoveries.


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