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A-Frame Cabin Elopement in Minnesota • Xsperience Photography

There’s a fleeting moment when Minnesota transitions from Fall to Winter. The air has a crisp chill to it. Nature is subtle in appearance, filled with soft earth tones as the last of the leaves fall to the earth. It’s a slower pace than the previous couple of months when Minnesotans cling to the last of warmth and prep for a long winter season ahead. Only the most daring couples who thrive on the mysteries of the unknown plan a wedding or elopement in late November / early December in Minnesota. You could be out hiking in the sun, or snuggled up by the fireplace as a blanket of snow paints the exterior.

The good news is, this A-frame located in Central Minnesota provides an atmosphere that works with both those scenarios. A trail to the river makes for a nice walk in nature or a quick photoshoot with your pup (yes, it is dog-friendly !!) and the updated modern design inside is cozy and warm, perfect for a sweet date night with your love .


  • cook your favorite Marnanteli’s pizza
  • hire a private chef or have dinner delivered and styled by ELOPE WEST
  • read a book
  • take a walk or hike down the path
  • ice skate if frozen or sled down the hill
  • serenade each other with the guitar provided
  • card games or cribbage
  • bedroom or couch snuggles
  • campfire
  • s’mores
  • sparklers

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